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    1. Two kids that don’t know anything about cars….the 5.7L Toyota motor is big….and reliable not sure what ur on about

    2. @@apatheticseaturtle1998 I don’t think you watched his full video on his main channel..

      he basically said the reason why he’s selling it cos the engine is unreliable

    3. ​@@-greencheese-oh so you’re pointing out that he’s lying but not saying that it’s unreliable

  1. Doug is the kind of guy to sell you a car on its reliability after talking about it’s unreliability for 15 minutes.

  2. Doug your enthusiasm here is next level I feel like if I don’t bid on your ‘cruiser I’d be committing some unwritten crime lol. It’s like you’re welcoming us into the magic kingdom, 5000 lb edition 🚐🧞‍♀️

  3. I had a 5.7 in my Tundra… amazing engine, lots of power but the fuel economy was horrendous, which is why i sold it 😂

  4. If you want to go into the Jungle, get a defender

    If you want to go into the Jungle and come back out again, get a Land Cruiser

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