Doug’s Take on Other Car YouTubers? Time to Buy Used EV? What’s a Car Enthusiast? THIS CAR POD! EP8

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Invite to THIS CAR POD! Doug DeMuro & Friends provides weekly expert insight and viewpoint, on the breaking automobile stories, the automobile market, and audience Q&A.

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00:00:00 Intro.
00:00:24 Filippo's Market Report! Luxury EVs.
00:05:34 Doug's Market Report! The 200 Series Land Cruiser.
00:11:08 SUVs! The Porsche Macan.
00:16:53 Automotive Happenings: What Makes an Automobile Lover?
00:21:27 What New Cars Are a Lover Free gift?
00:24:47 Doug's Porsche Story.
00:25:49 Assisting Individuals Select the Right Cars And Truck.
00:30:12 Depreciation: The Worst.
00:39:12 Q&A! Have you ever considered doing a collab with Marques Brownlee?
00:43:34 When will Doug be evaluating the brand-new Ferrari SUV?
00:48:21 Do you believe that big-nosed BMWs don't look as bad or are the brand-new looks just being stabilized?
00:53:02 hat are your ideas on the enjoyment level for the GMA T. 50 and the T. 33?
00:59:32 Doug, why did you stop breaking down each Doug Rating classification?
00:59:58 What do you guys consider the worth of the Bentley Bentayga?
01:02:18 Outro.

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Doug's Take on Other Car YouTubers? Time to Buy Used EV? What's a Car Enthusiast? THIS CAR POD! EP8

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