Driving Lamborghini’s Original SUV! The Insane V12 LM002!

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Prepare yourself to hang on tight as I take the renowned Lamborghini LM002, the legendary "Rambo Lambo," for a wild trip on the narrow and twisty roads of Italy. With its powerful V12 engine, massive tyres, and unmistakable appearances, this beastly SUV is not your normal Italian supercar. See as we navigate unpaved tracks, squeeze through roadways, and turn heads of puzzled cyclists who have never ever seen such an unique brute tearing up their stunning paths. Will the LM002 conquer the Italian roads or will it leave me with sweaty palms and white knuckles? Buckle up for a funny experience that proves that often, luxury can be downright ludicrous!

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Lamborghini's Original SUV! The Insane V12 LM002!

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  1. The problem with the Cheeta and the first LM, is that because of the rear V8, it had the inclination of tipping backwards on a steep slope. Therefore the military said it was crap.

  2. Videography is on point in this video. I’ve been watching for 7 or 8 years now and what is astonishing is you’ve managed to say the same, yet improve so much. It really is a talent not to loose yourself, what brings people back every week, yet at the same time evolve with the scene, technology and YouTube itself. Thank you for producing absolutely reliable quality car content that no one else seems to be able to quite produce, you really do have a niche in the car content world. Its a talent that not many have as well, knowing when to hold your tongue and just let the car speak for itself, or narrow in on a topic thats exciting to you personally and share that passion, instead of perhaps capturing the whole thing going on for the sake of it. Superb as always! Hope there will be, oh I don’t know… plenty more videos to come 😉

  3. Your take on the LM002 vs. Urus and general impressions during your drive were very interesting. Great comparison, something very unique in the automotive Youtube world. Thanks!

  4. That Miura clip just pulled the heart strings… listening to that engine whining with those carburettors is just the ultimate sensation. Awesome video Sam

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed this one Sam! The emotions flow through nicely and the videography is top notch as well

  6. had the pleasure of meeting an LM002 in Botswana about 20 years ago, was ridiculously excited to see it and the owner was very happy to show it off 🙂

  7. I’ve always liked the LM002 brutal and stylish. And now I have a new automotive term “Bonnet Bubbles”! 😆
    And congrats on driving the Miura! Epic moment for you. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Forget the trucks, that Miura piece at the end had me nearly in tears. It’s my absolute money no object dream car. I would love to just sit in one, let alone get to drive one. It’s just everything amazing about the 60’s in a car. Well done Sam!

    1. That’s where Sam really doesn’t play the YouTube game. It could easily have been extended a bit and put out like an 8-10 minute video on the Miura. Could have gone viral

  9. The finishing bit, driving the Muria, was extraordinary. Awesome seeing how far you’ve come. I can only imagine what that felt like.

  10. Driving a Miura SV through the Italian countryside has to be one of the ultimate pinch yourself moments.

  11. Sam – I notice that you really pushed yourself on this video. Maybe I’m more aware of it on the GR86, but I can understand how good you want things to be. This Lambo review is amazing; not just because of the technical skills between filming, editing, etc., But also because of your fun attitude about everything. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for everything you do!!!

  12. It could be the production quality or Sam’s presenting style, or both… but he’s really entered a realm of his own in the UK car content space. Cracking video

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