Driving My CHEAP Filthy Porsche Boxster 1,000 Miles Home (Good & Bad News)

I bought a non running 1999 for dirt inexpensive at . I repaired it in just 20 minutes totally free in the auction parking area. Now I begin the 1,000 mile journey house. Will it make it? I found some problems along the method that we will need to fix.

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Driving My CHEAP Filthy 1,000 Miles Home (Good & Bad News)

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  1. I would have bought it. I wasted 7k on a C4 corvette project. I was looking at boxsters but there was none in my price range at the time. Also I live way out in the sticks, there are no German auto mechanics to be found nearby.

    1. @JR Garage I really enjoy watching your videos. Every since I was a 12 year old boy I have always dreamed of someday of owning a Porsche. Now i’m 53 years old now, and never had the opportunity of having one of my own. I do find solace i viewing your Porsche videos. Keep up the good work guy’s.

  2. Love the new car! Btw check your expansion tank, that’s probably why your coolant level sensor is blinking. Happened to my 2001 a month ago, leaked all the coolant into the trunk and down fender liner

  3. Your cooling fan turning off with the key could be an ignition switch issue. It’s an Audi part that you can get for like $30. Don’t buy the Porsche part!

    1. Cooling fans on all VWAG cars usually stay on after you stop the car, going back to the 1980s. Totally normal especially when it’s close to 100 degrees out. You are manually circumventing that when you turn the key a second time. It should stay on and stop running in less than five minutes.

      The blinking temperature light means you are low on coolant.

    2. @T Tass worldpac supplies advanced auto parts, o’Reilly’s, and some other companies. But they make oem parts that are very cheap, you can make an account with them or go online to one of their sister companies and purchase through them.

  4. Keep it OEM with everything it came with from factory. It is a future classic. You have so much paperwork and receipts with it..

  5. Got the same cooling fan issue on my boxster. The flashing light is probably not low coolant, it’s most likely because the engine bay is too warm. There is a sensor which sits on top of the intake manifold which dictates when that fan comes on, and often that sensor gets displaced out of its grommet and drops down the engine bay, making it read higher than it should be – hence why the fans want to stay on. 15 min job to check that sensor is fine.

  6. You should keep the wheels, car looks amazing with them 🙂 if not get black wheels, the blinking light seems to be low coolant…

  7. A good PDR guy will fix that dent, the top mounts on the front struts are known to wear, or the “coffin” arm’s, vibration could also be a flat spot, it’s obviously been standing a good while, check the tyre pressures too.

  8. That blinking light is low coolant level. Buy some on the auto shop and refill.
    The shaking is tyres. No big problem

  9. How are you tolerating driving all that way with screen writing still there? I’d have to clean the screen inside and out before leaving.

  10. Sounds like a steal. I would have done a quick oil change- even at a Jiffy Lube since this is really a $2400 Boxter. Will watch the rest of trip back to AZ.

  11. nice car, but too many people put up ebay prices as evidence of what things are worth, when in fact those are just asking prices.

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