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    1. @HSCrimson absolutely agree, buying a new car is almost always a mistake. For those that want a new car though this is a good contender

    2. @Freek van Rijnno some people like a new car rather then one off fb market it’s a totally fine reasoning 😂

    1. ​@Shahzaib SansiI think, he meant Stellantis. This is a company (founded in 2021), that holds 14 different brands including Chrysler

    1. @Zippy_Zolton  I thought V8 meant there were 8 midgets on stationary bikes in the trunk, making the engine noise with their mouths.

  1. OG’s will never look cooler than crushing the streets in this bad boy. Any dreams of owning a real RR is beyond them lol

  2. I may not want one, but I sure do respect it. Will be sad when affordable RWD V8 cars are officially gone.

    1. I never thought I’d like a Chrysler 300. But the modern body style is honestly great and the 6.4 option just makes it better. The S has the 5.7 apparently, the old 300cs having a 5.7 threw me off. Still great.

    2. @Big Dawg The S I had was a v6 And the only 300C was when the 5.7 was the latest. It’s been around for a while now.

  3. I’m surprised they’re still making them ! Haven’t seen one on the road in a long time! Back in the 00s they were everywhere!

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