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    1. me too. kia usually goes for the sportier look while hyundai goes for the more refined elegant look

    2. For me I prefer the looks of the Palisade to the Telluride, as it looks newer and more special. Although I think what looks even cooler than the Palisade is the EV9

    1. Keep it in smart mode and you’ll get all the throttle response you need. It will learn the lead foot tendencies

    1. I bought my Telluride X-Pro because my wife wanted a minivan and I didn’t. Definitely not a minivan but nearly as practical inside and it is more capable off road (aka I can hit curbs with my wheels without it being an issue and take it on lighter camping trails) while looking much nicer and having a semi-luxury feel to it.

      So yeah, from that perspective I would definitely say the Telli and Pali are minivans for people who hate minivans. They are just excellent, practical family vehicles without necessarily broadcasting that to the world.

  1. Every once in a while Doug really resembles Jay Leno in more ways than one. The eyes, chin, and way he talks etc.

    1. Frankly, I don’t see it at all. Everything Doug does is…unadulteratedly himself and done in his own fashion

  2. *I could feel Doug’s enthusiasm when he says “DRIVIN’ THE NEW HYUNDAI PALISADE!”*

  3. If u like to be Driven as apposed to self drive then This is a Great Choice .. smooth & quiet with lots of relative features.. ..

  4. Well, it’s served the purpose to carry a family comfortably… not for having fun on nurburgring…

  5. Funny, from far away my dad thought the Palisade was a Cadillac at first because of the headlights.

  6. It’s like you took an Escalade, shrunk it down, then copied the stitching of a Mercedes and then stuck a Hyundai badge on it. I’m actually impressed tbh.

  7. I have a 2021 Palisade Limited black with white interior ..its honestly a great car BUT i have had more issues with the 50k suv than my 2018 ioniq econobox …think Hyundai is working out the kinks in becoming a legit Brand …still love the car but the issues have definetly soured me a bit

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