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    1. A Porsche cayenne gts has the same performance and doesn’t depreciate that much . Love the maserati, only not many insurance companies want to insure them. Quattroporte is 5 gs a year!

    1. My wife has a Stelvio, and we just test drove a Grecale. This is waaaaaay nicer. This is what the Stelvio SHOULD have been. It makes Alfa Romeo not even feel luxury… & I have a Levante

    1. Yeah the ghibili was kinda crappy at the time. He definitely appreciates the extra mile Maserati seems to be going with their new cars these days.

  1. Wish I could afford this!! I love performance suvs without skimping on the luxury. That’s why I love Porsche, you get great performance and luxury in a driver focused vehicle. The Lambo Urus is another one I wish I could buy. The Genesis GV70 sport prestige with the twin turbo v6 has all these things for a much better price. Granted it’s not as n the level as these performance wise but it has the luxury and some of the sportiness with 360hp and almost 400 torque 0-60 in 5.3 seconds isn’t bad considering. With a tune I bet it really wakes up and unleashes what it’s truly capable of.

  2. But performance wise no one has every really complained about Maserati. A simple YouTube review won’t quell anyone’s fears. The issues have always been reliability, cost, and value over time, which can never be judged on a review video

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