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  1. I love the Buick brand, it’s a shame that they only make SUVs anymore but at least they still look nice

    1. Just about everyone has switched over to a crossover/suv platform. They still make sedans obviously but if you look at their lineup of vehicles a majority of them are suv types.

  2. The Only ones still paying attention to Buick is the Caprice ppv crowd.
    The Buick Park Avenue was a churched up Caprice for the Chinese market.

  3. Buick actually has a very low lemon rate, up there with Toyota.

    It’s the reason my grandpa has had his 45 years

    1. ​@@williephugerI think you’re right, I have been seeing lots of people having issues with the new Trax that this is based on

    1. More than enough to reach 180 km/h or 112 mph which is over the speed limit. It should go 0-60 in around 10-11s. You don’t need 100500 hp to cruise at 55 mph.

    2. I get 15 tons onto the highway with 230, it will be fine. a few decades ago and that would be normal.

    3. @@berezcorpthat ain’t the idea Schumacher. It’s not about whether or not you can do 55, it’s not 1948 anymore. It’s about how easily you could go from 55 to 70 for example and how the car feels at those speeds. Horsepower in the 130s and grandma gearing is not a good recipe for highway trips.

    4. ⁠@@berezcorp0-60 in ten seconds is too slow. I have 2015 Toyota Camry with a 176 2.5L NA 4 cylinder and I had to mash down on the gas countless times because of how people drive in Dallas, Texas and it does 0-60 in 8 seconds. GM should’ve made the Envista a 200 HP EV or have a 200 HP 1.5L turbo 4 or 3 cylinder.

    1. Buick is doing China, and in the US focusing on younger female buyers where it is the most popular brand for that demographic.

  4. I drove the Trax, which this is based off of, and can say it has sufficient horsepower, it is spacious, and the technology is pretty decent

  5. People’s keep whining about the power. that’s not even the point. There is plenty of power for what it is

  6. I saw one the other day and had no idea what it was. I just saw the emblem up front and thought it was the monster energy drink logo

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