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  1. I can see the Camaro styling in the Corvette. I like that. I like the rear haunches being meaty and I like the straight line ruler approach to everything.

  2. As an EV enthusiast, I don’t want all cars to be electric. Gas power will/should always have a place in the performance community

    1. You mean like the range extender where the gas engine is only used to charge the battery powering the in-wheel hub electric motors?

    2. @Jack Parrish I run an EV motorsports business in the Smoky Mountains, so I’m around all kinds of cars, gas and electric. When I get to ride my electric motorcycle behind a supercar ripping through the twisties, it just invigorates this fire inside of me that just wouldn’t be the same if I was following a Tesla.

    1. Basically is supercharged if you really really think😂 I think with the battery it’s getting what like 200plus hp

  3. Hey Scotty I have a 2005 Sienna that used to throw codes PO 441, PO442, and PO456– Essentially evap codes that normally are due to gas cap. I replaced gas cap and it worked for a couple months. NOW all of a sudden I have check engine and VSC light on again but it’s only throwing PO442 (small evap leak). There is a hissing sound coming from near charcoal canister…

  4. I love the fact we live in a world where a Mustang is available as crossover and the Corvette can be an AWD hybrid. Stubborn “car enthusiasts” lose their minds and I’m sitting here thoroughly entertained by it all.

  5. Now I want to know what it sounds like supercharged… Surely someone has that thought and the money for it, please?

  6. “it’s like the start of electrification”
    my brother in christ, it’s a hybrid. they’ve existed for 22 years

  7. Am i the only one who believes Chevy missed an opportunity to have there own supercar? And just left the corvette a big bad v8 up front and look like an actual corvette

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