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    1. Don’t worry man these have already been skyrocketing so much don’t even think Doug can make it anymore 😂

    1. What color did you have? In 13 I bought an 09 Atomic Orange, love it, and keeping it. Hope you replaced it with something cool to fill the void. Cheers from Canada :⁠-⁠)

  1. If I had Doug money I’d have two cars and two trucks. LFA and RS6, new or no mileage 3rd gen Tacoma and whatever’s newest best for either off road racing, TRX 😊r Rapt😊r. Or if towing a new pre emissions Cummins or something akin

  2. I recall this coming out and my father and all his old school muscle car buddies were stoked bc of the ls7 and how a NA 7-liter engine is pushing 505HP! So sweet! Love the C6, will always be my fav, even the base Sting Ray with the Ls3 was sweet!

  3. I remember vette fans and owners hated this style because it was the generation where Chevy eliminated the flip up headlights 😢

  4. C6 has a timeless exterior design. If a company makes a sports car looks exactly like c6, everyone would love it again.

  5. Months ago i was looking at a c5 z06, they were around 15k, just looked again now and the one near me sold, and others further away are now very close to 30k

  6. I can’t wait to pick my C6 Z06 from the shop! Just a fresh motor with big cam and e85. It’s going to be crazy

  7. C6 best looking Corvette in the modern era !! I take a vette stingray from the 70 something instead but damn that red color look amazing I would put a wide body and a large spoiler on it though, I stopped driving anything unfortunately the road is something to dangerous for me😂 I rather take public transportation nowadays I don’t wanna crash again

  8. When it comes to the Z06 model of every Corvette generation, i would say my list goes like this:

    1-C6 Z06
    2-C8 C06
    3-C7 Z06
    4-C5 Z06

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