Driving The Greatest Ford Mustangs Ever Made!

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I support the wheel of the three generations of the #Shelby Ford Mustang GT500!

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Driving The Greatest Ford Mustangs Ever Made!

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, the first one is by far the coolest one, but, the 2007 is pure perfection. What a beautiful and timeless design.

  2. 2013 GT500 was very iconic as well and it also had Super Snake pkg….I’m sure you remember when Topgear reviewed it

  3. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy the best Mustangs that ever existed! I imported a 2020 GT500 into Romania (Europe) and it’s basically a halo car here…the attention it gets is crazy, and the driving experience is like no other European car! Glad you enjoyed too fam!

  4. OMG You’re on Long Island, I live here! Wish I could see you. Nice to see you stopped at All American! That hambrger spot’s been around forever, my dad used to take me there.

  5. Nice to see you here on LI. Been here for over 20yrs. Ocean Parkway is a nice drive with a classic. Nice to see you hit up All American too haha. Warmer weather is almost here!

  6. Sam the 67’ Shelby is the second generation. The first is the GT350 from 65’ and the third is the 69’

    1. Officially, those are all 1st generation Mustangs you’ve described. The 1st gen of Mustangs went thru 1973. The GT350 and GT500 were each designed for different things. The 350 has always been the more track oriented car between the 2, while the 500 was more in your face, raw power. Still used on the track, but the 350 was generally the more successful track car. The 08 is from the 4th generation Mustang, but the first time the Shelby badge was used on it in decades. The Cobra moniker was used on the 2nd & 3rd generation Mustangs. Although the 2nd gens still carried the Shelby name alongside it. So, the 07-13 GT500s could be considered 2nd gen GT500s, but they were on the 4th gen Mustangs. And of course, the 2020 is the 5th gen Mustang, and the 3rd generation that received the GT500 moniker.

    2. ​@@jamesmitchell9200 I might be wrong, but isn’t the ’08 car the fifth gen while the ’15 till ’23 is sixth

    3. @stefangrubesic2708  you are definitely right. I’m not sure where my head was at when I wrote that. The S197 was indeed the 5th gen and S550 was 6th. Which means I need to also edit that the Cobra moniker was also used on 4th gen Mustangs. Not just 2nd and 3rd; and while the Cobra II was a tribute of sorts to the Shelby, I don’t think it ever actually had the Shelby name like I originally thought.

  7. See Sam, this is why I stay subscribing! Because there’s always more exciting content and you deliver it wonderfully.

  8. I grew up in that area Sam. You were on Ocean Parkway, which back 20-30 yrs ago was a place people would go to do some high speed runs (mostly at night) and some street racing between Jones and Robert Moses State Parkways. It’s cool that you guys went to All American for lunch. I haven’t been there in years but it looks exactly the same as it has for decades. You need to get back there when it’s warmer.

    1. “American speed limits are quite slow” *proceeds to be passed immediately by 5 cars* 😂

      maybe brits arent aware of the minimal 5mph over the speed limit rule

  9. 2007 is where its at for me. Thats the heaven. The sweet spot. Very awesome you could share with us experiencing these great american muscle back to back.

  10. gotta say that the hate on the 2008 is not only undeserved, but undervalued. you went with a super snake which is excess over the normal Shelby of the year. could’ve done the same for the s550 generation and would have also came away with the feeling that it was too unruly etc. The “crap” interior of the S197 generation is also my favorite and I will stand by that.

  11. Nice Sam! Love the video! It’s great to see your experience driving each generation Shelby Mustang! All American is a great burger spot!

  12. Love your videos Sam! I once took the Mustang Bullit across the water from Ireland to Wales and then down to Caffeine & Machine for a few days. Incredible few days with the Mustang 😎

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