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    1. Absolutely not… The Del Sol was designed as a convertible, so the rigidity is way better than in the Straman conversion, and the most advanced versions (VTi) used a B16 engine which produced 160 HP, and did the 0-60 in about 8 seconds.
      Also, the CRX reviewed by Doug is a MK1, which was far worse than the MK2, which was the one with the iconic double rearwindow, while the MK1 had only one.

    1. Because YouTube doesn’t care if their viewers may get scammed or possibly hurt, they only care about the site and their money.

    1. I misread it as ‘Starman’, thinking it was some kind of promotional tie-in with the film of the same name!

  1. Doug, I have been watching you for years. One question, as somebody who loves manuals, raw power without a computer being a big brother and driving aid…am I just going to be stuck in the car market of the 90”s and 2000s???? Also, love the countach. My dream car is a first edition Merci in yellow that’s manual. Way more expensive then when I was 5 and fell in love with the car. Now easy 1M+ and super rare North America. Gonna get it in next 3 years 👍

    1. This isn’t the iconic CRX but a MK1… The iconic one was the MK2. About the LeCar, I urge you to search youtube about the Renault 5 Turbo… which was a special variant of the Chrysler LeCar with rear wheel drive and a 1.4 160 HP engine (back in 1980)…

  2. In New Zealand during the 2000s, the CRX was so cheap and easily modified, our insurance company’s added huge premiums because of all the crashes + mods people were doing.

  3. I’m a Honda guy and knew nothing about this model even existing….guess I’m not as VTEC as I thought….
    sorry mom…
    If your reading this I am no longer with you and would like my ashes scatted inside the engine block of an S2000…

    1. Wouldn’t feel too bad it’s basically just a crx that was modified by some guy that liked convertibles

  4. If I had the crx I’d take Doug with me to my local drive in theatre .. we’d have a great time 😊

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