Driving the Kimera EVO37: The Group B Restomod | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

is a rallying fan through and through, so driving and reviewing Kimera's rally-inspired restomod, based on the legendary Group B Lancia 037, is a pretty good day in the office for him. Include some remarkable mountain roadways, a race track and the odd Martini livery and you have all the ingredients for something truly remarkable.

The Kimera EVO37 is the creation of Luca Betti and it combines the looks and layout of the 037 with an engine that takes inspiration from the . The fantastic little 2.1-litre 4 cylinder engine that sits behind the chauffeur is both supercharged and turbocharged. It has been engineered by Italtecnica in Turin and in its most powerful map puts out 505bhp and 442lb feet of torque. That's quite wild in a cars and truck that weighs less than 1100kg or 2400lb.

Just like many restomods, like those from Singer, Alfaholics and Eagle, the Kimera is an extremely analogue driving experience. To that end, there is a manual six-speed transmission from Graziano, which has actually also featured in the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 for many years. What differentiates the EVO37 from other restomods is its really unique rally personality. You can see this in the twin Ohlins dampers at the back, but you can feel it immediately on the move through the steering and the way it absorbs bumps and deals with corners.

In the movie we cover a lot of ground, starting at the gorgeous Vacation home Kimera simply outside Cuneo in the Piedmont area of northern Italy. Here we speak with Luca Betti and discover the genesis of both the business name and the EVO37. Then we head to the gorgeous and its profusion of spectacular barrettes to drive the car on the roadway. Then it's off to Turin for a check out to Italtecnica where the engine is built, before we pop over to Martini for a look at the latest, minimal edition Kimera. Lastly we visit at a fun little race course to drive Kimera's development automobile with shorter tailoring and more power.

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Driving the Kimera EVO37: The Group B Restomod | – The Driver’s Seat

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