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    1. He is, I’ll never understand how he became so popular. But I know exactly what you mean. I almost cringe watching him clumsily review cars in his cargo shorts and t shirts. But it’s not just you.

    2. @@harrisp584 A lot of people enjoy personality behind car reviews. Most reviewers talk like how a Wikipedia article is written.

    3. @@keanumemes9110 makes sense. And who am I kidding, I say all this but I’ve definitely seen plenty of his videos. But I definitely cringe when he starts manhandling buttons in such a goofy way sometimes. Can’t deny he’s kind of a strange personality.

  1. These have gotten so expensive that they are almost unobtainable. It’s probably better to get a 458 Italia at this point 😢

  2. Another sucker deal in the world of C8s. Has anyone put a hand crank on a Ferrari to sell old junk yet. You have to be a non performance performance guy to even think about DETUNING a car that is totally irrelevant. How about a steam engine swap next?

    1. Good point. Why aren’t all performance cars just Tesla Model 3 Plaids at this point? It doesn’t make any sense to put your money elsewhere. Everything else is slower and has worse numbers on the spreadsheet. There is no possible justification to buying anything that doesn’t guarantee maximal straight-line performance numbers. Truly unfathomable why anyone would ever get this.

  3. I wish you put multiple GoPros in the car so we could see more driving angles, like out of the front windshield and the back windshield

  4. Ewww! A gas guzzling car with stick shift. Dirty dinosaur relic. The future is the perfect, totally green EVs that everyone wants. That’s why the government is forcing them on us. Because we are confused and don’t realize cars like this are gross.

  5. How much does a manual swap cost? Why doesn’t everyone do this? Automatic transmissions should be illegal on Ferraris

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