Driving The NEW Aston Martin DB12! [The Best Aston Yet?!]

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I head to the South of France to drive the brand name brand-new #AstonMartin #DB 12 … a really essential automobile for Aston as it represents a brand-new era and the next generation of automobiles for them. As I find in this video, it's an extremely outstanding starting point for what's to come next!

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Driving The NEW Aston Martin DB12! [The Best Aston Yet?!]

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    1. @Mitchell Steindler ha ha really ?

      I haven’t seen it in some of the other reviewers but interesting if that’s the case since the car matches Sam’s ? So based on Sam’s other work I’d be surprised.

    2. I’ve never seen a manufacturer give footage to reviewers for their own videos like this—especially if it’s not a paid ad placement. I have seen them make footage available for things like social posts when content creators aren’t filming full drives or don’t have the capability (Or they aren’t passionate about cinematography). I’d be willing to wager any amount that this is all Sam’s footage. Just as a bit of background: I’ve worked with a number of major autos on commercial shoots and vehicle launches over the last 10 years (Jaguar, Land Rover, Alfa, Ford, Genesis, Maserati, etc).

  1. This is the ultimate gentleman’s car. Given my driving style, this would be my choice if I had the money.

  2. Finally, an interior that lives up to the exterior! These beautiful cars will take lots of sales from Bentley continental buyers!

  3. It’s classically Aston Martin for a new DB to have very similar styles to a previous though, I think people (even Aston) seem to be forgetting this. The most icon of Aston’s, the DB5, was almost identical to the 4 only being slightly longer and with a slightly different sloping boot, with the 6 being only slightly longer still and the first to introduce the classic Aston ducktail spoiler, but most will struggle to tell those 3 apart. And then there’s the DB9 GT, which like the 12 was a combination of the DB9 and DBS, and should really have been named DB10 and continued for a couple years longer. So I don’t think it’s wrong or bad that the 12 keeps that 11 backside, though I do wish they had reintroduced the ducktail for it

    1. Not sure what is Sam’s what is part of the DB12 Press Pack, e.g the drone shots must be part of the press pack.

  4. I love that you worry releasing content later than everyone else from an embargo but I always wait to see yours. It’s always so worth it!

  5. ‘I don’t think the French nail their coffee’ – says the guy who rates Starbucks!

    Great video Sam, as always – the looks of the car are amazing and the inside is super nice. Exciting times – I’m glad to see AM have upped their game.

  6. From what I’ve seen from you and other reviews I think this car would be at the top of my list for a car in this class. An 812 is still going to be a more visceral experience but for 80% of the driving the DB12 seems like at least it’s equal if not a better car with killer looks (and for far less money). BTW, that opening scene with all glass and no handrail freaked me out. I’ll stay inside! 😱

  7. I am glad that you received a sneak peak of this car to share with us. The color combination of interior and exterior is stunning. Handling of this Aston looks great as intently designed. I Hope the super GT grabs the harts and minds of the buyers! Thank you!!!

  8. I’ve watched other YouTuber reviews of the DB12 already, but yours was so much better! You put so much effort into b roll and fly-bys. Great review, Sam! Love your videos!

    1. @John Smith Actually, it’s a bit of both. I recognise some of the footage from other YouTubers. Still a great production though.

  9. There are YouTube car releases and then there are STG car releases 🔥 this video is both a pleasure to watch and is super informative. Keep it up, Sam 🙌🏼

  10. As a Vantage owner, I cannot wait to see what they do with it next year. It should be insane!

  11. Watched a few videos on this car now, and I think this is the perfect car and my new literal dream car. The spec in this video (and in JWW’s) is also pretty much the one I’d go for.

  12. Sam, I hope you see this message: I have watched you since the Alfa 4c days (and have met you a couple of times at events over the years), and must express how I have really been enjoying your content more than ever in the past few months.

    For me you have really hit your niche in the delivery of your content, there’s a unique consistency in your style where I know I will enjoy a new upload before I press play. Much in the same way Andy Wilman and Jeremy Clarkson have done for years across multiple programs.

    Big thumbs up 👍🏻

  13. Bravo Sam! Watched most of the other content on this press drive and you are up there (which when you consider some of the branded peeps out there….you have smashed it) great view and optics.

  14. I mean,… just the baseline of your cinematography is really exceptional.
    I love when you get carried away. Those 70 seconds on the Golden Eye Road from 14:35 are pure joy and nothing short of phenomenal.
    The noise of that thing breathing when you floor it after the roundabout just makes me giggle all day. Simple but awesome POV on that sequence. Please more of that.
    So.. not just the DB12, but You! as well hit it right out of the park with every new video! Thank You, Sam🙏 This the way

  15. Thanks for your views Sam – I’d be really interested if you would go into more of the comparison between it and your F Type R since you’ve driven them both on similar roads now.
    Also, totally with you on French coffee, you very rarely get a bad one but nor do you frequently get a great one!

  16. Honestly this video felt on another level. The different shots, change of pace, talk mixed with lots of external views. Loved it. One of your best yet ❤

  17. Can we all agree upon, how awesome is this review!!! Cheers and well done! to everyone involved in making this video at Seen Through Glass.

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