Driving The NEW Maserati GranTurismo Trofeo!

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Driving The NEW Maserati GranTurismo Trofeo!

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  1. For a long time Maserati did nothing for me but it feels like MC20 was a turning point for them. It may lack the V8 noise but it does seem the GT has jumped in qualify and finish

    1. Everyone who has been in the both the new Grecale and GT models says the interiors are now class leading in terms of quality, space (Grecale rear room bigger than the Levante, GT actually fits adults in the back seats), fit and finish. Can’t wait to see what they ultimately do with the new Quattroporte as it should be their next level attempt at an all-out luxury environment.

  2. Welcome back – good to see and hear from you and that you are well!!! I lived there for a while as well but always tried to avoid driving in Manhattan. Good that you like the Maserati, they need and deserve some love.
    Also hallo to Time Square and all our American friends!!!!

  3. This felt like an old school STG video from the era of when you had the F-Type. Not too hyped, no sponsor faff, easy to watch.
    More please 🙂

  4. Sounds just like the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV and same setup as well, V6 with ZF gear box! I wonder if this was meant to be the Giulia Coupe originally

  5. This GT Space is so incredibly competitive in 2024: Maserati Granturismo, AMG GT, Roma, Continental, DB12… so many great cars

    1. M8 comp. too. I think Maserati lost its ferrariness when they lost their noise. If not, this car would have been higher in considerations for me

    2. The one that’s beats all of those GT cars is the Mclaren GT! That car is not only faster, but more beautiful with doors that go up! Sure there is a lot of “competition” in this segment, but the clear winner is Mclaren.

    3. ​@@Iracingnoob Might be a great car but it’s looks just doesn’t do it for me. It feels kinda incomplete or bland design wise when placed amongst the other McLarens. There’s a reason why you don’t see as many of them on the road compared to it’s brethren.

    4. @@Iracingnoob How about we just appreciate all the cars and what they are individually good at? Different cars for different people and different preferences. To just state a “clear winner” is such a juvenile thing to do…

  6. The sound kills it for me. The whole soul of the car previously was the v8 and glorious sound that it made. Kind of regret selling my 4.2 some 6 months ago purely as I miss the noise. The Trofeo does look fab though. Commericially available synthetic fuel can’t come quickly enough and then hopefully manufacturers can still carry on making such fabulous ICE cars and get off the EV bandwagon.

  7. V6s can sound brilliant, imagine if they’d derived one from the 296 instead 🤪
    Nice video as always 👍

    1. If the MC20 sounded like the 296 they would have sold far more of them I reckon. Beautiful car with a bland noise. 296 sounds ace though. A shame really. The V8 really was one of the best sounding engines in a car!

  8. For me the final v8 Gran Turismo is the one for me, and the aftermarket has come to the rescue for the infotainment system so you can have the new centre screen and hvac, but in the old car.

  9. Nice one Sam, great content.with the rental Maserati – always going the extra mile for us viewers. Enjoy your trip.

    1. @@aeromotive2 Agreed though the old Granturismo were similarly discounted like all Maserati once leftover on the lot heavily. This 40K incentive honestly is way too little. 2018’s when 2019’s came out when msrps hovered around 16X-17XK USD were 30K off plus.

  10. Did you seriously film this on your own??
    Amazing work. And overall your concept of travel videos is so great. I love doing this kind of car-traveling myself!

  11. Sam it’s so nice to see you in NYC! I’ve loved living here the last 10 years and desperate to break into the auto industry so currently living vicariously through you. All the best.

  12. Maserati has to be the most underrated sports car Marque of all time ? I have a Maserati dealership on Ascot high street thats just opened and the price of the cars is very reasonable compared to Porsche or Ferrari , Lets hope people wake up and start buying them again they are great cars.

  13. Awesome review Sam, seriously one of the most talented YouTube car content producers out there, keep it up.

  14. love your videos. it’s amazing what you put together just being by yourself, sorting out a bunch of rolling cameras and driving a car, too …

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