Driving the NEW McLaren 750S | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

Sign Up With Hagerty Drivers Club:– An evaluation of the brand-new is the topic for this latest episode of The 's Seat. Henry Catchpole hangs out on track at Estoril in a coupe and after that on the Portuguese roads close by in a spider. The concern is, what's really brand-new? Due to the fact that the 750S looks remarkably similar to the old 720S. What's more, as the name suggests, it just has 30hp more.

But to dismiss this vehicle too quickly would be a huge mistake. For a start, regardless of any familiarity, this is a magnificent looking supercar with functions that remain absolutely distinct such as the eye socket headlights and double skin doors. Then there is the reality that it has much shorter gearing, which indicates the uplift in velocity is much higher than the power walking would suggest.

The 0-62mph time is now similar to the 765LT and although the top speed has actually dropped 6mph to 206mph, the in-gear acceleration is 10 percent quicker. With 740bhp and 590lb ft of torque helping along a vehicle that has a dry weight of just 1277kg (193kg lighter than a Ferrari 296 GTB), it's little surprise that driving the 750S flat out feels like piloting a low-flying jet.

Include enhanced steering feel, a driving position that was already perfect, extraordinary presence and niceties like Apple CarPlay and a nose lift that you can really operate without referring to the manual and you have a cars and truck that is pretty difficult to fault. has even dealt with the noise of the M840T twin- V8 in order to make it more enticing, with almighty ignition cut explosions in the powertrain's Sport mode.

Rates for the 750S Coupe start at $324,000 in the United States and ₤ 243,500 in the UK, while the cost of a Spider starts at $345,000 in the US and ₤ 267,900 in the UK. Significantly cheaper is a subscription to the Hagerty Drivers Club, and it is nearly as thrilling as a 750S. If you want to discover more and assist support the show in the process then just click on this link:

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Driving the NEW | Henry Catchpole – The ’s Seat

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  1. Brilliant review. The difference between this review and the TopGear one is mind blowing. I just watched them back to back, and the TopGear one is completely clueless and misses the whole point of pretty much everything on this car. Couldn’t be more different to this.
    I watched that one first, and while it was obvious the reviewer had no idea what he was on about, it was only after watching this I realised how different and better this is over the 720.
    Keep up the good work, a good antidote to these people who I find mind blowing how they’ve even got these jobs in the first place…

    1. Lol Top Gear is garbage without Clarkson behind it. Imagine if Tiff and Jeremy could get along and make a car show together like classic Top Gear, great entertainment and information simultaneously.

    2. @@JorgeChavez-du5vm Clarkson has never had anything to do with the YouTube channel. That’s TopGear Magazine, completely separate from the TV show

    3. @@StavTech Lol you should’ve specified. I figured you meant the publication/televised program since that’s all that ever mattered. By the time it was officially on here he was already finished with it anyway.

    4. @@JorgeChavez-du5vm eh? I didn’t need to specify anything, it’s obvious what I was talking about for anyone who had ever seen the TopGear YouTube channel (and with 8.8m subscribers that’s most people).

      And the TopGear YouTube channel was on here for almost 10 years before Clarkson left the TV show anyhow.

    5. @@StavTech Lol you did mean that clips from 20 year old episodes channel after all, there’s your problem, and I hope for your sake that you’ve learned from this example of exactly why you do need to learn to specify.

  2. Great review… I consider this a life cycle impulse….. are there financial reasonings behind this and not a completely new car? It’s likely…
    But this certainly looks like it still deserves a spot on the lineup.

    1. Impulse is the right word, it’s not even a refresh….and for sure it’s a financial issue, it costs a lot of invest which McLaren did not or could not spend

    2. it was their best most sorted model. Not too much needed to be done. Why spoil something so good? They took the best from 675LT and senna (steering, brakes, optional seats etc) and used it to improve the 720. Those weight savings are not to be laughed at either. In an already light super car they improve the handling, braking, accel noticeably. And such weight savings are hyper expensive options on other super cars, but built in with this. It’s a car that does GT and track very well. To improve from the 720 was great.

    3. ​@@bavariancarenthusiast2722don’t think it’s financial, they have made so many one off models since the 720s and released the Artura. I feel like the engineers didn’t need to reinvent it yet

  3. Having never driven any of them… I’d speculate that this is the perfect balance between the 720S and 765LT

  4. Great editing, content, and cinematography. Henry is really a great edition to the Hagerty brand and a great motoring journalist and communicator. He knows what he’s talking about, educational, can actually drive, and is objective when reviewing cars . Thank God he’s not obsessed with top speed or 0 to 60 times but actually his passion is more how the car drives and feels and present that in a way we can all understand. Easier said than done!

    Yes, McLaren have their issues but the new 750 is definitely a step in the right direction and improvment upon the previous model.

    Haggerty, Throttle House and Jay Leno are definitely my favorite motoring shows on YouTube.

    Maybe Chris Harris should go alone or be apart of something different than Top Gear. Personally, I feel it’s wasted talent apart from the times he does reviews by himself. I mean, the new Autotrader is beginning to find its feet with Rory and the team.

    Honestly can’t wait for him and Chris Harris to review the new T50!

    1. Throttle House carry on too much, and they aren’t even remotely humorous. Sadly Chris is no longer informative. Henry is the Alpha nowadays 💪

    2. @ksm1985  Since when has height got anything to do with being a good motoring journalist. Hammond is hardly a giant! Chris may come across as ego driven. However, TG needs all the help it can get, and whatever you think of him personally, he knows cars, how to drive and express that to his audience. I think sometimes people can mistake ego for raw passion. Him and Henry are very different but good in their own right!

  5. Ok… what a video, what a car! Marvellous video also! As a Portuguese youtuber I frequently visit the Estoril Circuit and that 750s was achieving some mega numbers through the straights and some corners. I won’t even comment the 200m braking point at 280km/h 😂😂 Fantastic video!

  6. This piece right here is the pinnacle of automotive storytelling! 🎉 congrats to another wonderful video!

  7. Hope you all enjoy this. Thank you, as ever, for all the liking and sharing and commenting. It’s much appreciated.

    1. As always, your way of articulating the experience and emotions of driving makes me almost feel like I’m in the passenger seat. 💪

    2. @@abindegal years ago there was a British car journalist called Peter Tomalin who could pull this exact same trick – to put you in the car with him. These journalists – these are the special ones imho…

    3. Henry, I have to say you are the one of the most articulate, interesting & relatable car journalists in the business. There are multiple first drive vids in my YouTube feed today but the Catchpole Hagerty one is my first go to. As ever the videography is also superb. There is a cadre of car journalists I trust & value their opinions. You, Jethro, Harris & Metcalfe – it may be because I always loved Evo magazine- but you guys capture the essence of driving enthusiasm & automotive interest perfectly.

  8. I recon you guys could review a new tollet seat and make it entertaining..catchpole knocks it out the park ever single time..epic in every single way.
    Keep it up cannt wait for the end of year review and 2023 driving seat compilation video..
    Thanks for putting the quality in guys..epic. 😎

    1. lol a great supercar that has refined itself is finer points is surely more interesting than a toilet seat. I get what you are saying, this is not a new flashy model with new tech, but I don’t think think they should switch to toilets 😁

  9. It gets said time and time again but the quality of these videos is just off the leash! Props particularly this time to the drone operator, who just captured the most fantastic footage…

  10. Not only do I have my e39 M5 insured through Hagerty, but I enjoy the regular magazine, like the sharing up car events in my area and love this channel! Way to go Hagerty, well done!

  11. This car makes me happy. When I first saw the 765LT, I was worried the 720 was reaching the end of the line. It’s such a beautiful design, which doesn’t look a day older now than when it released in 2017(!). Seeing the single flaw many reviewers pointed to be corrected with the adjustments to the steering, make me appreciate McLaren even more.

  12. As of this writing, the best supercar filmed by the best source of car review videos. And I’m not even a McLaren fan.

    Credit given where it’s due, the 750s is objectively the best choice of series production supercar for enthusuasts with its superbly tailored feel through every control, no hybrid nonsense and the finally, legitimately sonorous exhaust.

  13. Great episode! Great writing. It’s hard to transition from page to screen. The words convey so much when writing for print. The screen, however, takes over the major role of conveying the goodness of the 750S. But you did a great job.

    Wonderful visuals and wonderful editing. It looks like you all had a massive job: all those angles, all those camera setups. Sound design was done really well: you captured Henry’s voice even when he was driving the convertible with the roof off. Well done all around. 🙂

  14. i used to think Top Gear had the best production when the legendary TRIO was there. but i can finally say these guys really kept the storytelling and visuals alive. also loved to aspect ratio

  15. What an awesome video review…thanks so much! As you were going through the various changes in the beginning of the review I was thinking to myself that it sounds more like a 765LT for the masses than an upgrade of a 720S and it was nice to hear your summary conclude nearly the same. For those of us who have driven the 720S, it’s hard to even imagine a solid upgrade for that experience…but now we know it’s here. Keep on making these great videos and I certainly promise to keep watching them!

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