Driving The Vantage F1 Edition To The British GP [+ Hulkenberg Hot Lap]

@Pirelli welcome me to go to the British Grand Prix in an #AstonMartin #Vantage F1 Edition. Whilst there, I get a hot lap around the Silverstone circuit with F1 motorist Nico Hulkenberg.

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Driving The Vantage F1 Edition To The British GP [+ Hulkenberg Hot Lap]

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  1. Thank you for the continued quality content, Sam. Mille Miglia coverage has been second to none, really enjoyable! Have a great day all!

  2. Love the quick aston review. Spec is simple and stunning. Always awesome videos, especially when done by a man that retains his passion for all things cars and f1s.

  3. Amazing content as always. You, Shmee150, Supercars of London, and Mr JWW never disappoint me. I love you guys. Keep up the good work. Cars are life! 😁

  4. Great video Sam! We all know how much you want to be a part of the F1 world and this is closer than a lot of meat mortals are going to get to it. Cheers to you mate!

  5. You’re smashing the content this year Sam. Best on YouTube! Love the 11am upload. Get chance to watch it before work. Thank you!

    1. @Seen Through Glass Sam, he probably thought “Finally, somebody who will let me unleash full potential of this car and have fun in it”. I belive that Noco should be thanking you for that hot lap ;D .

  6. Brilliant video Sam, really enjoyed the F1 content! 👍🏼 Nico looked more cheerful than I expected after listening to your podcast ☺️

  7. Sam that was epic! You constantly put out the best content on YouTube out of all the cartubers. They must look at your channel and wonder how to keep up. Amazing work, as always. Your channel never gets old. Be proud my man!

  8. This was genuinely just a good vibes video, was smiling throughout the whole video. Can really tell you loved doing all of this!

  9. This makes me want to see Sam on a hot lap around the nürburgring in a GT2 RS MR. 😹😹 Please make it happen.

  10. Another amazing video Sam! Really taking the channel and content to a whole new level this year. Keep it up!!!

  11. Bloody hell, that was the best hot lap ever, would love to see Archie in the passenger seat with Nico driving

  12. Sam always produces some of the best automotive content on YouTube. His passion for cars is obvious and he has excellent taste. The music is usually good and he also doesn’t play it over the sound of the engine too much as some people do and that can be annoying to people who want to hear the exhaust. Sam has a timeless and hip style about him, much like his personality, when he sometimes wears a hat apropo to the event he is attending, he looks especially cool. If you’re not already subscribed and you enjoy watching cool people talk about cool cars, you should smash that subscribe button and bell. Don’t forget to like and comment.

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