Driving The World’s Only MANUAL Ferrari 458 Speciale!

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I fly to America to get behind the wheel of the world's only #Manual #Ferrari # 458Speciale!

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Driving The World's Only MANUAL Ferrari 458 Speciale!

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    1. our famous roadside US coffee…. the kind that sits for days on the burner…. and they microwave it the next day to get it started again

  1. The thing is , you can get this type of experience on a 430 manual , you really have to love the 458 platform to do something like this.
    Its cool and unique but obtainable in other ferraris of similar age , in the other hand i think converting a 599 makes alot of sense because the v12 of the 599 feels way different than the 575’s

    1. @johnmitchell2269  I didn’t realize it made 490! My apologies, it’s 100 ish more hp and 250lb lighter.

    2. Drove both the 430 and 458 back to back last year, as the 430 Scuderia was my poster car. It was a huge disappointment. Felt like it try to kill you. While the 458 felt like it wants you to have fun. I hope I can afford a 458 some point. Really amazing car, with NA Ferrari V8.

    1. Not a massive Ferrari fan, but at a local Italian car meet last weekend the ‘speciale’ was the best looking, of the Ferrari’s.

  2. Can we appreciate how beautiful the spec of this particular car is. The contrast of the tricolore stripe over the white paint is sublime.

  3. I think it’s amazing that it exists. The execution based on what we can see and your experience is OEM quality. I do feel however with how frantic and immediate the stock car can be a DCT makes perfect sense. Epic car, not for me. Great video👍🏻

  4. ” This coffee is disgusting by the way ” – Loved this, definitely something I can concur with my recent NY trip with Diners

  5. Thank you Sam, brilliant and unique car and a great STG travel vlog video. ‘Off-the-cuff’ and still ticking all boxes of a cinematic STG report, up there with the STG greats for 2023.
    I reckon Tony might be reinterested in the 458, maybe he is the one to first get a manually converted car in Europe? Cheers, American East Coast and you mix very well indeed✌

  6. Halfway through the video I realized the sun outside and paused to go for a drive in my manual mustang bullitt. Nothing like driving a maual. Simply engaging. Excellent video.

  7. I’m in full support of what Modificata did to this car. The more modern sports cars I experience, the more I feel duped by how easy they are to drive. I once held on for dear life in a TVR Cerbera in the rain, and I couldn’t help but just adore the sense that it demanded respect and skill to operate. This Speciale reminds me of it, and perhaps we need more cars that are a challenge to drive well.

    1. facts lol. The first lambo I ever drove was an lp-610 huracan and I was disappointed in how normal it felt, how easy it was to drive, and how un-lambo like it was(or at least how I expected a lamborghini to be)

  8. Sam it’s been my pleasure to watch you over the years you have really evolved into one of the greats on YouTube and in media in general!!! Love from South Carolina USA!!!

  9. it’s fabulous that this thing exists as an engineering exercise and a sort of ‘what if’. but i don’t think i’d find myself yearning to do this conversion if i ever had a Speciale. still a fabulous thing though and huge kudos to the team who made it

  10. I love this, in my eyes this is what a supercar should be- extremely challenging and equally rewarding when you get it right. Props to the owner for building the dream!

  11. Interior is very clean. Nice that they removed the paddles too. A lot of manual conversions leave the paddles on and don’t integrate the shifter well

  12. Wow, a short trip is right. I know European Auto Group ( EAG ) does a lot of the Ferrari auto to manual conversions. It’s great to see that owners have options if they want to convert to manual. Awesome episode, thanks for sharing! ❤👊

  13. You’re definitely right about the more modern any car is the more the ECU’s all contribute to making them far more drivable without the driver having to be of racer levels car control, be it a hot hatch or a supercar. By the way you’ve just been given a mention on Harry’s Garage👍

  14. Very nice build, shows that anything is possible. I’d love to see a LaFerrari with a gated manual conversion, or maybe a Daytona SP3.

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