Electric Buick GNX conversion with a carbon fiber body | Rendered with Kyza – Ep. 10

It's the final episode of the "Rendered with Kyza" series, and Khyzyl is going out with one last questionable construct. He chose to render America's, big, bad, increased muscle automobile of the 80s, a Buick . This full-carbon may look tame and untouched on the outside, however it's what's under the hood that may shock you, Khyzyl ditched the turbo V6 and made it an electric hot rod prepared to space the kids on the streets.

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Electric Buick with a carbon body | Rendered with Kyza – Ep. 10

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  1. NOOO! Last episode? 🙁 Thanks for sharing what goes through your mind during these amazing designs, Khyzyl.

  2. 8:25
    I met a guy at a cars and coffee in Lexington Kentucky this past weekend, with a Tesla S plaid. I have a manual challenger hellcat. Which he’d mentioned that he has owned a couple hellcats prior.
    Turned out he lives very near me. We talked a quiet a while, he took me for a ride in it, and eventually when it was time to go we switched out cars.
    That Tesla is unreal. The acceleration is hilarious. This was my first experience with a Tesla at all, and suddenly I’m in a car that does naught to sixty in the same time it takes Red Bull F1 to change four tires. (*tyres lol)
    Which would I rather have though?
    He wanted to drive mine because he missed the intoxicating sounds that is produced by a hellcat. And I loved how you could manipulate any gaps merging into oncoming traffic.
    I want both!! Inconclusive

  3. WTF!!! This can’t be the last episode! This is one of the coolest designers of today. C’mon hagerty! Otherwise, begin your own channel Kyza! You are strong enough tho bear your own channel if you want.

    Love the Buick tbh

  4. That’s cool but come with an updated rendering of a ‘70 Pontiac Grand Prix (J) and a 2007 Crown Victoria LX Sport. Thanks! I currently own both.

  5. Amazing series! Well done! Need more of Kyza! Even if there will be no season two, bring him back as a host!

  6. Thank you all greatly for watching these, it’s been a really eye-opening experience & honestly, a great venture in trying to overcome my nervousness and anxiety speaking in front of a camera. This series has been an incredible amount of fun & I greatly appreciate all the feedback from all of you! Hagerty, thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you to the whole team for everything, much love to you all! <3

    1. thank you for sharing your experience. Looking forward to see 2-nd season, or something in your channel

    2. Loved every single one of the phenomenal renders that you made in the series and enjoyed your commentary. Thanks to Hagerty for producing such high production niche videos. So sad to see the show end though. I hope they’ll bring you back in the future.

  7. This rendering is super cool. The GNX has always been one of my favorite cars, so a modern update is appropriate. Truth be told, one can now convert one of these to electric with a GM crate electric motor. Thanks, Kyza. Nice work.

  8. Since its not real, mine as well u should have used ur imagination and have made it fruit powered future vehicle. That’d be awesome 🤯😉✌️💖

  9. Looks pretty good from the outside, but man… Why does it have to be an electric car?

  10. This is the kind of stuff we want to see. I want to see the old cars that were so iconic get swapped over to electric. The new ev’s are so bland and boring looking. This was a great render, wish you’d do more of these.

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