Everything WRONG With My Auction Bought Challenge Stradale!

In this video, I take my freshly acquired #Ferrari # 360ChallengeStradale to AV Engineering for a complete examination.

As I never anticipated to win the online auction for the automobile, I didn't know exactly what I had actually bought … previously …

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Everything WRONG With My Auction Bought Challenge Stradale!

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  1. With the amount you saved on buying it Sam, you can afford to restore it to equivalent ‘Ferrari Approved Used’ condition and still be ahead. Probably easier to buy a set of standard 360 alloys and get a set of standard sized winter tyres for those.

    1. Is it really a shortage of winter tires in the UK? I suppose the CS has 225/35ZR19 – 285/35ZR19 dimensions – there are plenty of winter tire variants for those sizes from different manufacturers, the sizes are quite common. It is not like buying a winter 335/30 for example

    2. @@coolguy_2997 no not at all, you can order pretty much any winter tyre you like from a number of websites. Companies like mytyres can get nearly every tyre over from Europe too.

    1. ⁠@@diddy2612 you’d soon get exposed if you had a bad reputation so I’d be surprised they’d face the camera in the first place if that were the case.

  2. I must say I really like to all episodes featuring AV as this man has a natural ease of communicating Ferrari related stuff.

    1. I’m surprised how dedicated they are, I’m sure Sam’s paying well but still the attention to detail is great

  3. A great result and so pleased for you Sam in getting your dream car. Love your video’s and podcasts.

  4. the british car community is so good. tons of nice people and great high quality workshops that easily could have their own youtube channels. love the 360 content

    1. Yes ..if you can handle the reality of……..that will be at least £100000000 for a bolt and sir we are really doing you a favour as well …. thank you

  5. What a nice guy and 1st-class Ferrari expert ALDOUS VOICE is.

    Every time you have taken your cars to him, I’ve thought the same thing.

    Your car is in safe hands at AV ENGINEERING… and great content too!

    Good luck.

  6. This is how you own a car. Cars are about experiences they provide, especially future experiences in this case. And don’t let the small things get you down. Sam gets it

  7. Imagine paying an absolute fortune on a service for your ferrari and them lying to you about changing brake fluid. Goes to show how a reliable garage like AV is worth its weight in gold!

    1. @user-sf7kl9uh7k  definitely, I wouldn’t have expected it at dealer that’s servicing a ferrari, I assume it was a dealer verified garage as well.

    2. ​@@user-sf7kl9uh7kSTG and others on YT wouldn’t name any such dealer or dubious garage. It opens up legals and it ain’t cricket to be honest…

  8. Congrats on the CS, Sam! Regarding the brakes, it’s astonishing to me that Ferrari didn’t develop the callipers more to guard against piston corrosion 😳 The guys at AV really are masters, fair play to them.

  9. Aldous is ‘next level’ when it comes to Ferrari service/repair. He’s an engineer and thinks like one when it comes to these cars. Wish there was a guy like him where I live (across the pond). Great vid Sam ol’ Boy, beauty of a CS.

  10. I’d keep as close to stock as possible, I think the purity of that alone will help keep the value in the car. Although I don’t think anybody would mind the HiFi being updated.

    1. A stock car will always be worth more but I very much doubt that Sam will ever sell it, so resale value shouldn’t be more important than making it the perfect car for him imo.

  11. First time i’ve seen your channel mate but I’m so happy for you, love to see other people achieve their dreams! Congratulations

  12. I could listen to this guy for hours. Please get him on the Podcast!! It would be interesting to hear some stories. Congrats on the car!

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