Everything you need to know about assembling a BMW B58 engine with @PapadakisRacing

Stephan Papadakis is an iconic name in wandering and drag racing. He has actually developed some beast engines in his time. Today, he's taking Davin behind the scenes of his most current construct, a BMW B58 motor from a Toyota Supra that he is personalizing to suit a GR Corolla drag cars and truck. This straight-six will be pushing 1000 hp when all is said and done, and we can thank the Papadakis group enough for showing us the process.

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Everything you need to know about assembling a BMW B58 engine with @PapadakisRacing

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  1. Grabbing a beer and sitting in the hot tub for the next 1 hour and 8 minutes watching this, the Timelapse was incredible as always 👌

  2. 13:00 brilliant discussion on torque, torque error and stretch. F=KX, K = Modulus of elasticity, X = stretch.

  3. The thumbnail says Papadakis but the channel says Hagerty. Couldn’t click fast enough

    1hour. Glorious

  4. funny how an hour ago i was just rewatching the entire b58 engine series on Papadakis channel.

  5. To think that my engine was rebuild with around 70% of precision shown here and it still held over 1000hp reliably for 2 years (now killed it with stone through oild radiator 😢).
    I run grandfather of B58 … N54!
    I learnt a lot for my rebuild from first B58 engine build Papadakis did on his YT few years back – a goldmine of knowledge!

  6. When I started the video I thought that I didn’t have time for an 1 hour and 8 minute video but I was wrong. Once I started I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed every minute and want to thank everyone for the production. Great job.

  7. You can sense the tension of 2 master engine builders talking shop on how each personally works and gets it done. Love it.

  8. Honestly id love to see papadakis do a crazy na straight 6 w his wild exhaust/intake setup

  9. Hey Davin and Hagerty, what if You do a GoDevil Engine from a Willys Overland M38 ?! To make old Hero running smoothly again 😃
    Great motor builds Guys!

  10. Kinda surprised we aren’t using lasers to get accurate measurements for clearances/ tolerance.

    Nothing wrong with taking measurements the old way and maybe it’s just not worth the price but at this level of performance I would think it would be somewhat more beneficial.

    Could also better account for wear at end of race season.

  11. A proper engine build. Love seeing Davin and Stephan nerding out. Couple of questions: In the same engine family of the B58 you have the more sports oriented S58. Why is the S58 not used for this application? Also Toyota has a very sturdy 3.5 V6 on the shelf. Why is that one not selected? Also surprising to see a manual gearbox in a drift car. Makes it a long drivetrain for a initial FWD car, makes lovely inline 6 noise though. Keep up the good work.

  12. Love this, Papadakis with the zero BS! Saying what doesn’t matter at all, which I agree with. So much is stories, and like he says, unless it’s proven to him, he ain’t doing it. ❤

  13. Stephan Papadakis is an amazing engine builder. Love watching a modern build with a true expert.

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