EXCLUSIVE 992 GT3 RS vs Corvette Z06 vs BMW M4 CSL w/ Randy Pobst — Cammisa’s Ultimate Lap Battle

Randy Pobst races the 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) versus the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C8) with Z07 bundle against the 2023 BMW M4 CSL (G82)– 3 road-legal track-special models– at Big Willow!

In this world's first test of the 992 GT3 RS, SCCA Hall of Fame race-car chauffeur Randy Pobst delivers the definitive lap times for each of these cars, and vehicle journalist Jason Cammisa tells Randy's laps utilizing time-warp and slow-motion techniques to slow the action for our deep-dive satisfaction.

Click here for the Corvette E-Ray drag race Jason discussed:

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) 1:24.3
Chevy Corvette Z06 Z07 (C8) 1:24.9
BMW M4 CSL (G82) 1:28.2 *.

Driver: Randy Pobst (Sub-freezing temperature levels).
* On base Michelin Pilot Sport four tires rather than optional Cup 2R rubber.

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0:00 Introduction.
0:50 3 Randy Pobsts!
1:44 World Exclusive: Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992 ).
3:05 C8 Corvette Z06 w/ Z07.
4:01 G82 BMW M4 CSL.
5:24 3-car Race!
5:56 Turn 1– BMW is fastest, Porsche brakes best.
7:25 Turn 2– Z06 feels terrific, Porsche grips!
8:50 Turn 3– Z06 does not stop, 911 understeers!
10:10 Turn 4 & 5– BMW is a handful, Z06 is unruly.
10:57 Turn 6– GT3 RS is ideal over the jump.
11:50 Willow's Back Straight & Turn 7.
12:26 Turn 8– Going into at 145 mph.
13:12 Pulling 1.3 g at 130 miles per hour for 17 seconds and 0.6 mile!
14:25 – Z06 is ideal behind the 911 GT3 RS!
15:14 Porsche wins!
15:22 Laptime Leaderboard.
16:33 Conclusion: Slowest Vehicle Wins!


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EXCLUSIVE 992 GT3 RS vs Corvette Z06 vs BMW M4 CSL w/ Randy Pobst — Cammisa’s Ultimate Lap Battle

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    1. It always comes off that everyone involved with the video had the most fun they could have making it. From editing, to driving, to Cammisa’ing

  1. Cammisa/Pobst is a winning combo no matter the situation. Adding 3 of the best cars of today are just the cherries on top

    1. Cammisa/Pobst/Esposito is a winning combo no matter the situation. (fixed it for you)

    2. @Pragmatic Pragmatic @Biollante879 director Anthony Esposito is the critical off-screen better half to Jason. Brilliant team. I’m so lucky to ride their coattails.

    3. @Pragmatic Pragmatic and don’t forget to add 2 more Randy’s for more craziness (or headaches to editors of this episode).

  2. the editing is insane. watching Randy and Adam Sandler doing what they do best is always satisfying.

    1. It’s got to be a very high bar when the second place (and first loser) is a Z06 with the Z07 pack.

    2. @MrBinmelchor Between us, I think the Vette tires actually froze the night before. The Porsche had far more grip, especially braking on bumps.

    3. @MrBinmelchor Lmao the Z06 makes less downforce than the GT3. it’s not a GT3 RS competitor.

  3. When entertainment, editing, knowledge and reviews come together to create perfection. That’s what a Jason and Randy video on Hagerty gives you. We need more boys.

  4. The editing, the storyline, camera views, sound, everything. It’s all amazing. Very satisfying to watch.

  5. This is hands down the most interesting one-lap coverage ever made in any media. Nerdy, funny, informative, and attention-holding. I don’t think anyone else has gotten that combo right. Hats off to Jason, Anthony, Randy and crew. This is a moment which’ll go down in history

    1. On point explanation of the same thing I wanted to outline. Felt totally in the middle of the action 😮

    2. It’s such a well fit cast with some amazing editing, camera footage, chase cars, special effects. It’s all really well done!

  6. The Corvette not only matched the SVJ, but was half a second back from the Porsche. GM did a phenomenal job with the Corvette!

    1. Lol yeah ok. 0.6 seconds is a long ways back (9 car lengths) in an 80 second lap. Not only that it’s more consistent easiest to go fast. Stick with the bang for the buck argument Vette guy.

    2. Agreed! And even though I see them all over the roads now…. evey single one still turns my head.

    3. @Bimmer_Bill mid trim Vette btw that is the heaviest vehicle there and doesn’t have an active picnic table on the back of it, zr1 and zora soon. Euro loyalists will still never give credit to anything that isn’t German but that’s expected from someone like you. Binmer_Bill.

    4. While I think his comment was kinda dumb as a Porsche fan myself given that it’s the third fastest lap they have tested I would never say any GM product is the best car money can buy lol. The C8 is a great bargain (excluding the 100+k markups for the z06) but certainly not the best car.

  7. The camera work and animations on this video are NEXT LEVEL!!! My goodness guys, this was a stunningly well made video! All 3 on the track together in “real time” as if they really were – just brilliant! You guys are seriously talented. 💪

    And I’m glad my first comment before watching was correct 😁

    1. @Randy Pobst You’re a big part Randy. Your driving and commentary are both excellent and entertaining while informative. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

  8. This… is just on another level, never achieved by anyone by now. Thank you guys, had a blast watching it!

  9. honestly the side angles, the fast going shots, the drone shot everything was perfect!!!!! just perfect! give the editor a porche.

  10. I seriously can’t get over how well these videos are edited. Seriously cinematic quality, like, I’d pay to watch these in IMAX. I don’t know what we did to deserve this content, but I am so damn happy we get it

    1. Thank you so much on behalf of our Hagerty team, and I have to agree. Gist class cinema. Director Anthony Esposito deserves much credit, too, and genius Cammisa.

  11. What a freakin’ video. God, what a time to be alive. Props to the RS and Z06 for being this fast in the blistering cold. The ZO6 earned so much respect from me for being a luxury car inside with leather everywhere, heated and ventilated seats, 14 speakers with some of them in metal and costing way less than RS and being only 0.6 secs slower. Damn

    1. This is a good point. If GM did a Z06 “Le Mans” or “Daytona24” edition with all of the fat stripped out like the GT3 RS, I’m sure it would make up that .6 seconds and then some.

    2. ​@MrMcGeein3Dno one would buy a stripped down Corvette 😂😂 Vipers were Americas stripped down sport cars and there’s a reason they’re not around anymore

    3. @ToXicGracie Explain the Z28 Camaro then, there’s 100% people who would buy a track Z06 😂

    4. @Parker Hazlebeck is the z28 actually stripped down? I always thought it was just a camaro tuned for the track with a bunch of aero and a z06 engine

  12. Considering how many weight-adding standard features the Z06 has, it is amazing it came within half a second of the ultra-light and minimalist of the RS Porsche. It would be cool if Chevy made a lightweight version of the Z06. Hats off to the BMW for even coming near the lap times of the other two, considering it is a coupe and not a true sports car.

    1. There’s a half mile long corner with a MINIMUM speed of 127. The z06 has more power.

      The gt3 still won. 0.6 seconds only seems small when you do a single lap. Do a full race and then see how big the gap is.

      I’m not hating. The z06 (c8) is the first chevy that didn’t make me throw up. It’s a good car.

    2. ​@Sportbike Jesus you say it “won” but in order to deserve that qualification it must be near in price. It isnt.

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