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    1. Techninally… although in this case, the utility of it being just “a car” is probably around $5k so that’s a factor.

  1. That’s an interesting way to think about car values. Cant say I’ve ever heard anyone break it down in such a way.

    1. Theres a reason for that, how many trillions do you think the miata market cap is? What does this tell us? Not a fckn lot.

  2. It’s exactly the opposite, on a per car basis the F40 is worth $2.5 mil, the Enzo is worth $3.5 mil, $2.5<$3.5 The total number of F40s are worth more than the total number of Enzos, but there are more than twice as many F40s, and since the Enzo isn’t worth over twice as much as the F40, then yes, all of the F40s>all of the Enzos.

    1. Yeah, he kind of had a point until he said “on a per car basis.” That phrase turned a somewhat interesting statistic into a patently false one.

  3. What Doug means is that IF the F-40 were as rare as an Enzo it would be worth more than an Enzo.

    Worth = demand/supply

  4. I think this is dubious. Last fall several Enzo’s sold for prices ranging from 2.1 to 4.1 million, which is nearly a 100% difference in price between two Enzo’s sold in the same year. I also believe it’s hard to value low production vehicles, because even though there might be 1000 examples in existence, you will be lucky to find one single example for sale. When one does go on sale, often times they can create bidding wars that would not take place if all 1000 were for sale at once. This means it’s a bubble inside of a bubble. Meaning the current value is reliant on no more than 1 or 2 examples being for sale at any given time. If all 1300 F40’s went on sale at the same time, I guarantee you the average in market price drops, even though the same amount of cars exist. However, I will grant you that everything I just said is baked into the cake already, and for all of history we have valued these cars the same way. So i guess your point isn’t dubious, I guess my issue is with the way we value the cars to begin with.

    1. You might want to listen again to what he said at the end…. The words he spoke was a total inversion to what he said earlier. He must have been tired that day.

  5. There were 35 million Volkswagen Golf produced. If you estimate the average Golf sale to be around $8k, you get a market cap of $280bn, making it easily the most valuable car on the planet.

  6. With that logic the market cap for a Toyota Corolla would be 22 billion dollars. Wtf are you smoking Doug 😭😭😭💀

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