Exploring Scotland In My Audi RS6! [+ The UK’s Best AirBnB]

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I head to Scotland in my Audi RS6 on a somewhat unexpected trip, which includes remaining at what may be the UK's finest Airbnb:

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Exploring Scotland In My Audi RS6! [+ The UK's Best AirBnB]

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  1. Love the channel, the videos, the cars and in this the scenery. A* editing to match, very little comes close. Thank you Sam as always, greatly appreciated.

  2. Yesssssss, superb content againnnnnnnn. Really is so much higher quality than the rest of YouTube filth out there. The main reason I keep coming back, love the RS6 (and the podcast btw) 🤝

  3. Thank you very much Sam, an excellent UK travel vlog! Cool you daily the RS6 and share your thoughts. Perhaps with your experiences, any fun in a STG ‘Survive The Wild’ vlog. Gain those off-grid skills. Cheers 😎👍

    1. Totally agree! YouTube algorithm should take quality of material into consideration more.. Sam’s content is SO much better than a lot of stuff that keeps getting pushed by the algorithm.

  4. Really enjoyable to watch this type of content. Also more interesting/relatable than seeing unobtainable hypercars racing around a track.

  5. Absolutely love these kind of experience videos!!! Why do competitor channels feel they have to make everything about cars? – it’s also about the experiences you can have in them! Makes for much better viewing!!! Great video Sam!!!

    1. They all follow the same prepared scripts and formats, have the same product placement. The only difference in the videos is the face and voice of presenters.

  6. As always top notch cinematography and editing Sam. Don’t worry, I heard that Stephen Spielberg isn’t the best hunter-gatherer either…. #playtoyourstrengths 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  7. Hi Sam, brilliant, just bloody brilliant video ….the whole production is on another level. Scotland and it’s scenery are truly out of this world.

  8. Absolutely beautiful video. Stunningly beautiful landscapes captured masterfully. Each and every aspect of freedom taken in as any human would. Bless you Sam for bringing us such beautiful content. Giving it a huge thumbs up and staying subscribed for plenty more videos to come! (hell yeah)

  9. Everything about this Vlog made me smile. For the RS6, to the views, the music, the editing, the pizza banter, and of course Twiggy. The whole mood of this vlog is exactly what I love about your channel Sam, the have impeccable taste with your style of capturing you audience……. BTW I’m from the Caribbean and now I want to visit Scotland 😅. Keep up the great work! 👊🏾

  10. Dude, roadtrip content is my favorite, just keep them coming! I myself do a two-week roadtrip in Europe with my family every summer, and it’s the best days of the year. This year we are actually doing Ireland… and the Highlands.

  11. Sam your production quality and everything related to the video is beyond me, really enjoyed this one.

  12. After years of watching car content on YouTube, I’m consistently impressed by your videos. One of the few I still enjoy watching, and seeing the progression as a content creator, videographer and reviewer. I appreciate the honesty about things like the cost vs experience of the hotel stay. Cheers!

  13. As ever Sam, great content, awesome production and the RS against the Scottish Highlands…well, just stunning! Thanks also for the introduction to Matt Large’s track, works well on a Monday morning whilst cracking on with work 😎

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