Extra Rare German Cars Of The 1960s and 70s

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Of The 1960s and 70s

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  1. Those were some very interesting looking cars and some I see why they got rid of them. I would like to have a few myself. Good video. Thanks

    1. The engine and mechanics are based on the Glas Goggo 250cc Limousine the bodywork is Made from pressed wood like kitchen boards

    2. As Glas had ceased production in 1969 only a few chassis had been left. This Cars could be Drive with license class 4. A special license for injured veterans of WWII

    3. The first and only one I saw was in Prague in 1976. I thought it was an EasternBlock vehicle for disabled persons…

  2. Opel Gt was my first car. Quick like 90 horses in a gocart. Red just like that one.
    Vandalized for the stereo they wanted to salvage it. I said no.
    Later it was crashed in a mild fender bender by my first love.
    Funny how it goes. One thing you love destroyed by another.

  3. I drive the not-so rare Brazilian Bootleg version of the Opel Diplomat, a Chevy Opala Diplomata 86 4.1 6cc

    1. i’m not sure, but i think the german version is the opel rekord 3, or the luxury sports version named opel commodore 1, with six cylinder and more status…the opel diplomat in germany was a bigger car, or the biggest categorie like mercedes s-class. You could buy the car in three different version, that was not normaly in europe…opel Kapitän (great but normal car), opel Admiral better with horizontally lamps in front and rear und the opel diplomat (top version with an chevy V8, absolutly not normal for opel)

    2. @Jörg Kaczmarek you’re right, Opala is basically the Opel Rekord. They just happened to use the name “Commodore” and “Diplomat” as versions

    3. @Satania Opala: Based on a Opel Rekord C Coupe (or Commodore A Coupe) powerd by a Chevy Impala straight six. Opel+Impala=Opala! Saude…

  4. So many cars, so little time! Some of them are pretty desirable and some I like just for the weirdness factor.

  5. Top Video, LIKE and thank you very much !!! Many interesting awesome cars, but my heart beats for the red beauty AUDI Coupe S…

  6. The Karmann Ghia isn’t exactly that rare. I’ve seen several of these….well, mostly in scrapyards, but I have seen some on the road

  7. “Extra Rare German Cars”… The Golf 1 was the best selling car in Europe in the 70ies… The W 107 in 2021 can be seen twice a week in every city…

    1. We had the Golf 1 as best seller in 2009…and at one point the only country in the world to have the Golf mk1 and mk2 and mk3 being produced at the same time..be it brief.RSA has been blessed with some beautiful cars over the years..hey the First BMW plant outside of Germany was Rosslyn BMW South Africa.

    2. They all rusted away or are modified to oblivion. Finding a good condition mk1 or mk2 is damn near impossible these days.

    3. @Jess There is a really nice standard mk 2 GTI up the road from me I think the guy has had it from new also his a mature owner of it so not a boy racer lol ,also there is a few nice mk3 Golf VR6’s that are going around my way in N.London and actually they haven’t been mega modified either which is nice for once there mainly just been lowered with different alloys or standard ones and always look very well kept.

  8. The sound of a two-stroke engine is priceless … and that smell of smoke from the exhaust pipe 💥💥🤘😁

  9. Since when does the Carrera have a straight 6?
    A Golf 1 was sold in 6,8 million units. The whole Golf production surpassed the units of the VW Beetle within half the time.

  10. The Bitter CD was in fact developed as a coupe version of the Opel Diplomat, made by Bitter. It was shown to the world as “Coupé Diplomat”in 1969. The car hit the market in 1973 named “Bitter Diplomat CD” but the name “Diplomat” was dropped as many customers wished for that. For them the Opel brand and the model name Diplomat was way too plebian. The Bitter was a VERY expensive car costing around 60000 DM. For that kind of money you could get a Porsche 911 in the most expensive trim level. Or a Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 and an additional VW Beatle on top. Because Opel canceled the Diplomat in 77 the Bitter was not that long in construction. Only 395 were made. You could call the car the german DeTomaso Pantera. It was based one mass model (around 21000 Diplomats were made) with very reliable technic under the hood, but aimed for the sporty luxury market.

  11. Brazil produced a car called Opala Diplomata by Chevrolet (Opel), from 1968 ’til 1992. There was some versions… the Diplomata, the SS, the SL, there was a coupé, the sedan… very similar to the Opel Diplomat. And they sold by the thousands here. It was my first car, an Opala SL 1989 burgundy. You can find thousands of videos of Opalas here in the YouTube… we like to tune them for drag racing…

  12. It’s bad when you’ve nearly seen all these cars in the flesh means getting old 🤭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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