Extra Rare Supercars Of The 1960s and 70s

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  1. Ferrari dino em referência Dino Ferrari Porsche 591 Lemans Todos magníficos carros 👏👏👏👏

  2. Hahaha, brings back a lot of memories. My high school girlfriend had that same car in rag top. It was slow as heck too but a nice ride.

  3. The ferrari Dino 206 was the first mid engine car, it was produced from the late sixties. So it was before the ferrari 365BB/Berlin etna Boxer, that then morphed into the even more power in 512i ferrari

  4. What an awesome soundtrack! I just shut my eyes for the whole video and enjoyed the sound of those beautiful engines.

  5. Класс! Эпоха когда инженеры делали машины. Сейчас у руля менеджеры. Больше продать.

  6. Maybe it’s my era of these awesome cars is why I see them so great next to today’s …..Then there’s the sound of them Webbered plus the SC boxes

  7. This video is amazing. Wow. Such beautiful works of art in motion. They should make these cars now with up graded engineering. Resto mods from the factory.

  8. Imagine seeing those in the 60s, I don’t think there is a car that would leave you that amazed today as the most beautiful shapes are copied from the 50s and 60s.

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