Extreme Brabus 900HP Pick Up Truck

This is the XLP 900. It's a 900HP customized Benz G-Wagen tuned and modified by to create an insane . Just 10 of these amazing trucks will ever be made and they cost almost $900,000. This has actually got to be the craziest G-Wagen we've seen yet. Today takes a look at this absolute monster to see what it's capable of at the HQ in Dusseldorf, Germany. Let us understand what you think!


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Extreme Brabus 900HP

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  1. Brabus are masters of their craft!!
    They never fail to produce a piece of art with every vehicle produced!!

  2. There’s nothing better than a fresh friendly baked Super Car Blondie’s videos and they always makes our day or night even better

  3. Won’t be taking it off-road with those tires on it. Other than that it looks pretty sick. Thanks for sharing the knowledge Sergi.👍

  4. Supercool color palette, especially that Rocket Metallic Grey. I’d like to see bigger, more aggressive tires on it. Otherwise it really is a Masterpiece!🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤

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