Family and Car Reunited After 40 Years: Restored Barn Find Back Where It Belongs

The Snowball Legend is concerning an end. We have actually been dealing with this vintage racer for the almost 4 years and now it's time to return it to the family. Snowball is regrettably no longer with us, however we know he's looking down smiling at this old automobile. We always speak about the automobiles, but it's the people and neighborhoods behind the cars that matter simply as much, if not more. We'll miss this vintage race automobile, but it's back where it belongs.

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Family and Car After 40 Years: Restored Barn Find Back Where It Belongs

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  1. That isn’t a car, it’s a _time machine._ The smile on that man’s face says it all, he’s back to his younger years! You’ve found the fountain of youth, Hagerty!

    Thank you Davin + Tom + Hagerty for this, the closure to this story we’ve been waiting on.
    Both you gentlemen are correct – it’s about the people and the stories with these old cars we love.
    Ok Davin, since you’re all the time admonishing us to get out in the shop and get to work and all –
    what do YOU have for us next?
    P.S. Ben still owes me a tee shirt!
    – Ed on the Ridge

  3. I watched this from the time Tom found the car the rebuild episodes that I could find but never found them all. Awesome job on the car it also sounds great.

  4. What you guys have done for the family is worth a million smiles ! Nice job Davin and Hagerty

  5. Ive been following this channel since the flathead Ford build. Ive been following this story from the start. Ive followed Toms Barn Find Hunter series for many years as well. It is so great to see your passions come together for this family and fans of the race track and the legacy they all represent. Great job yall.

  6. I like this story, I follow Tom and Davin since begin of this story with snowball, absolutely amazing, great story!

  7. Wow! What a great project and a wonderful story. Thanks to Davin and to Tom for saving this piece of history and allowing us to see it.

  8. Nice to see this project done and back with the family. To bad the owner passed away, but it was cool to see members of the family able to do some laps on this car to be closer to snowball though. Boy it has been many years since this project started in 2019. Thank you guys for sharing this to Tom for starting this off by finding the car and who ever was the idea behind doing this for the family that was very cool.

  9. Wow, that video really put a smile on my face. Seeing Snowball’s 2 sons and granddaughter take the car around the track was great.

  10. Well done Davin! You know Snowball was looking down and enjoying every minute of that. You’ve got a heart as big as all outdoors, God Bless Brother!

  11. Guys, this HAS to be one of your all time best videos – PERIOD!
    THANK YOU for producing the video, performing the resto, & most importantly- bringing the joy/pride/honor to Snowball’s memory for his family.

  12. I was smiling throughout the whole video. Nice job Davin, Tom and Hagerty. I know I have the right company covering my classic car.

  13. Well done Hagerty! From Tom finding this fine piece of history, to Davin’s 1st rate resurrection & Snowballs family getting a “Taste” of what drove him! I thank you ALL 4 the RIDE………

  14. I had forgotten about the family. That was so nice of you and everyone else who had a part in the great work and getting it back to the family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  15. There’s nothing better than restoring a family treasure and bring it back to life. This is not just a car – this is living history. 😎👍

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