Family inherits world-record classic car collection

A millionaire leaves his kids 3,000 vintage cars. They must choose what to do with them– while honoring their dad's tradition.
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Family inherits world-record classic car collection

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    1. I kind of disagree. Any static museum is just ho hum. The cars need to be driven, that’s what they’re made for. So, a private track where somebody drives the cars and takes people for rides could not only be a great way to take care of the cars, but could be a money maker, at least enough to cover upkeep of all these great rides.

    2. duckie leebrowwski the car community is full of people hoarding car I think it would be good to sell let more people have fun

    3. well, yeah, but some cars are so valuable you don’t dare drive them on the street. I’ve been thinking that a museum with a closed track of its own where people could simply pay a fee to drive rare cars in a safe environment… safe for the cars, anyways, would be the way to go. Cars need to be driven, cars that just set will deteriorate, no matter how well the museums try to preserve them The oil needs to circulate, so does the coolant, and everything else. I mean hell, I’d love to drive some rare cars like a Dusenburg, but who the hell is going to let me? ย No way I could buy one, nor would I want to drive it on the street… I trust my driving, but not those of the other idiots on the road.

    4. They have the Lemay American Car Museum in Washington State. Just because they are in Museums does not mean they are not driven. But even if they canโ€™t be these are part of our American history, our American artistry and our American developments in Science.

    5. any museum where every car is not driven for at least 30 min once a week is not going to be worth a damn for the cars. Just sitting is the worst thing for cars, no matter if it’s inside a fancy museum or a barn. That’s why charging to drive these rare cars on a closed track would be a brilliant idea. I would get them driven, and pay for running the museum while they were at it.

  1. Uhhum.. Now that I have composed myself, I have to say WOW ! and well done to that gentleman. I am in complete awe of his wonderful wisdom and vision to conserve those beautiful cars for the future generations. Hope he left enough cash to keep maintaining them otherwise this whole deal would be compromised.
    Good luck to the beneficiaries.

  2. I learned a long time ago when I owned 38 cars, you don’t own them, they own you. I cannot fathom 3,000. I met some people from this group at Irwindale raceway quite a few years ago when they were showing the model of the museum and had a nice talk about some cars, but I had no idea they had that many cars.The logistics of that many cars is a massive undertaking.

    1. @David Joles
      Yeah… it WAS 3000 before they sold some off for the museum, and then split up more for one SHARED museum, and now this more manageable museum which is NOT shared.

  3. I like to see these cars on the road, maybe weekends on backroads. Those are nice driving cars unlike todays cars.

  4. What many people of Tacoma knew was that Harold Lemay shared his passion yearly by inviting friends and friends of friends to drive his cars on special days of the year. How many museums would ever let the average car lover drive their cars. None that I know of. He was a very unique man with a passion for cars. I lived in Tacoma and often went to his small Spanaway shop and watched some of the restoration on a few cars. I would look at the cars stored in the yard and say, “If I had that one or that one” I would do this or that to it. I doubt that there will ever be such a generous or happy man that wants to share his passion of saving cars ever again. To Harold’s family, “Thanks for trying to preserve the passion and the collection”. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What an amazing legacy he left! They should create a museum in his honor or even contact the Smithsonian or the Henry Ford.

  6. โ€œHe went to a wrecking yard auction in Idaho, bought the whole wrecking yard.โ€ Thatโ€™s one way to get a hell of a lot of cars!

  7. Itโ€™s so comforting to me to see you staring at the camera more than the road while youโ€™re driving.

  8. The collection at Marymount is probably my favorite car museum. I’m not sure I would even call it a museum since these cars are mostly in a non restored, daily driver condition. To me it gives them more character. The tour guides have a story about every car in there. Just amazing.

  9. OMGs! I would have loved meeting this man and got to know him. I bet he was a hoot! To bad men like him are leaving us fast…

  10. This is almost as nice as a car museum. Wow this is so awesome. Hard to choose which car is nice, they all are sweet looking cars. I like to see the collection of these cars do a little tour seeing them

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