Faster Than An F1 Car! Driving The Incredible McMurtry Spéirling Fan Car | Henry Catchpole

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREEN – THIS VIDEO HAS NOT BEEN ACCELERATED! In this episode, has his face rearranged and neck muscles seriously evaluated by the extraordinary McMurtry Spéirling, which is capable of cornering faster than an F1 car. Forget standard hypercars like the Aston Martin Valkyrie or Mercedes AMG One, this little fan vehicle remains in a different league in regards to its efficiency. It can bring up to 3G laterally, even in tight bends, and will accelerate from 0-60mph in simply 1.3 seconds.

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We drove it at the wonderful MIRA test center in the UK, which enabled Henry to actually press the automobile to its extraordinary limitations – even beyond them. What's it like to spin a vehicle with continuous downforce in all directions? You'll need to see to discover.

The British developed and developed McMurtry is small, determining simply 11ft long and 5ft large. It has a carbon fiber monocoque, weighs about 1000kg, has a 60kWh battery and sends out up to 1000bhp to the rear wheels alone. That sort of power going to just one set of tyres should be a dish for wheel spin as quickly as you breathe on the throttle, but not with the McMurtry. 2 electric fans (it has 2 to offer a level of redundancy, like an airplane) spin at as much as 23,000 rpm and integrate with an advanced skirt system to provide as much as 2000kg of downforce.

And simply in case you think this is some sort of insane one-off project car that will never ever see the real world, McMurtry's Handling Director, Tom Yates, exposed to that a consumer version called the Spéirling Pure is presently being developed. Much more staggeringly, the Pure will in fact have more efficiency. Yes, more. The mind boggles.

The rate of the McMurtry Spéirling Pure will be ₤ 820,000 plus taxes, which sadly puts it securely out of reach for many. But, given the technology and efficiency on offer, the asking cost does not appear outrageous when compared with other hypercars.

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Faster Than An F1 Car! Driving The Incredible McMurtry Spéirling Fan Car |

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