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  1. Ferrari has been missing something ever since they decided the brand is more important than the cars

    Pretty sure it’s called passion

    1. ⁠@pikachu solujust because someone can’t afford something means they can’t have an opinion on it?

  2. I personally agree with this take. They could probably make a non-hybrid version of the 296 with manual transmission.

    1. They need to start making hybrid manuals best of both worlds imo and you could maybe drive them in ev mode only in auto

    1. @Vincent PapaleoThere’s a big difference in asking a transmission to deal with 150bhp versus 820bhp.

    2. @Vincent Papaleo True. But the 296 also has 550 lb ft of torque which is again a large figure. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done but the CR-Z isn’t a good comparison to make.

    3. They need to make a manual with front wheels electric only that you can drive in auto ev mode around town but stick as well

    1. And it’s still one of Ferraris biggest mistakes. Porsche saw what ferrari was missing out on, and now manual porsches sell like hotcakes

    2. @先生CherryPepsi but why tho? Didn’t they see how well Porsche sells the 911 and Boxster with a manual?

    3. @Anonimonot really, you see dozens of Ferraris on the road where people can afford them

  3. I can’t imagine the lack of a manual transmission spoils the fun of driving the 296 or any modern Ferrari.

    1. ​@jon It’s also slower, and to get peak performance with modern cars you’re going to need an automatic. You can’t shift faster than a computer.

  4. He better be careful. Ferrari might black-list him for not properly representing the brand.🤣👎🏽

    1. Personally I think it looks awful. Ferrari V8 design peaked with the 458. F8 looked good, but this looks terrible.

    1. ^ this since that everyone can now learn how to drive stick thanks to clutch and shifter wheels, i know its not 1-1 but from alot of andectodal testimonies in the forums, it makes the transition FAR smoother

    2. I agree dont gatekeep and act like manual seperates you but i genuinely agree its a fun awesome way to drive when you actually sit down and do it

    3. I agree. I drove manuals for the first ten years of my adult life and I don’t miss them at all. It’s just a different way of achieving the same end result. Sure they were fun to drive, but these people that constantly b*tch and moan about “muh manual!” are f—ing obnoxious.

  5. Driving a manual 296 would be quite stressful though. Can’t imagine what driving a 820hp small sportscar would be like with a manual. The trans would be something revolutionary

    1. Why would it be stressful or difficult? Why would the trans have to be something revolutionary?

      With very powerful cars all you have to do is not press the gas pedal too far and keep the revs down.

    2. @Pistonburner Current transmissions work well with paddle shifters, but when it comes to manuals, cars with over 600-650 hp feel really difficult to drive. I’ve driven a 992 gt3 and an srt viper with manuals, and the gt3 was quite manageable, because it was a lighter car, and also the pdk’s ratios are perfection so you could easily push it to the limit. But the viper, although generally not hard to drive, kinda requires getting used to in order to really drive it actually fast. Now with all of the hassle and instant power a hybrid car gives, 820 hp could you even imagine how unpredictable a 296 manual would be? With longer gear ratios I reckon that it wouldn’t be harder to drive, however with current manuals it would be quite the scarce machine

    3. @Corvettes are neat I’ve driven plenty of different powerful cars, and there is nothing difficult about driving manuals no matter how powerful they are. Only badly executed gearboxes and clutches can be a slight hindrance, but that’s regardless of power.
      Gear ratios don’t have any bearing on how easily you can “push it to its limit”. In fact if someone is poor at using a manual gearbox the problem is they will too easily go _over_ the limit.

      Using one car as an example, pretending that a very agricultural Viper would represent all manuals is not valid.

      The more instant a car’s power is the better. That’s why naturally aspirated cars are easier to control. A 296 won’t be unpredictable at all. All hybrid systems are not unpredictable, though I do admit that they slightly can cause that. But not even nearly always. Ferrari tends to do its hybrid stuff well.

      Ferrari literally tries to make its engines as fast in response as possible. That’s not a negative for car control, that’s a positive. And you can always select a different engine mode to make the response less immediate.

      Short gear ratios don’t make a car more difficult to drive either. Short gear ratios are generally better in every way.

      You sound more like you haven’t learned driving with manuals and are not confident in your own skills.

      It is true: it’s difficult to drive a manual car very fast. But that’s a totally separate thing to driving a manual car comfortably on the road, even briskly. Those two things are totally different aspects of motoring.

      A manual is easy to drive fast on track for people with skills, or people who bother to just spend some time practising (you must be outraged with the thought of being required to practice something and not being able to just buy something and pretend you’re an expert because of spending money on something?).

      It doesn’t require *_that_* much time to learn either. It’s best to do with some lessons, at least initially so you learn the right stuff instead of teaching yourself incorrect things…that’s kind of a waste of time. And just like with anything it’s good to take periodic lessons to again get rid of any bad habits or wrong things you’ve taught yourself along the way.

      It’s a skill.

    4. @PistonburnerGood retort, but you have quite a bit of holes in your argument, which in turn are contradicting. I can give a plethora of examples for manuals that are risky to say the least, to drive because they are quite powerful. The carrera gt, Murcielago lp640, viper acr, Koenigsegg cc series, would also probably say the 1st Audi r8 v10 manual. I do agree that skill plays a notable role when driving a manual car, but the manual besides being fun and challenging is inferior in every way and in some cars it could defo affect your experience. Differentials and especially gear ratios have a massive role, not just weight and power alone. Cars like the gt3, 360, 911 turbo, Nissan z (recent one) can all be thrown into corners with no problem, controlling them isn’t difficult and they’re equally good as manuals. Cars like the gt350 and v8 vantage are a little bit more tricky to control, but still really fun cars. The difference between a stage 2 gt350 and a stock gt350 is gigantic. On one hand you have a car that’s quite quick even with longer gear ratios, decent weight and big power. A stage 2 gt350 can be fun, but also unbearable to drive. You can easily lose control if you have low traction control and are going a little bit too hard on the gas in corners, and it depends on the tune, but the one I drove had closer gear ratios and you just have to be careful. A 296 would defo be interesting with a manual, but also hard to drive without assists so that really eliminates the point of a manual car.

  6. I’ve driven one.
    It doesn’t need a manual.
    It’s you, the V6, and some paddles. and hypercar speed. it’s not missing ANYTHING 👍 (in my opinion at least.)

    1. We don’t need Hypercar speed for fun
      I feel like it’s more fun driving a car you can push to the limits rather than driving your car at 70% because you’ve reacted your limits.
      It’s like riding a motorcycle that goes 200mph. You’ll never reach that speed unless you’re an amateur race car driver (amateur as is racing amateur/pro-am racing, not first time on track amateur)
      But imagine driving this thing thru scenic twisting roads and banging it thru the gears and really being involved with the motion of classic driving.
      That’s his intentions because let’s be honest, wouldn’t you have an F8 or a 720s for track days instead of a V6 hybrid?

    2. A friend of mine ordered a 296 GTS and he invited me to the dealer to take a spin with the sales representative, that car impressed me so much, I went in going that the SF90 was the best Ferrari and that the 296 was eh, but after having the sales rep take me from 20-120kph in just 2 ish seconds, I was hooked with this car. As soon as it arrives I’m borrowing the car from my mate and if i could, I wouldn’t give it back 😂.

    3. @Eamon Monaghan Media what an experience!!! I am truly envious hahaha. But don’t take my comment about the 296 not being an amazing ferrari. I am sure it is better than any current ferrari that is made for the driver’s experience. What I’m saying is that a Manuel would be better. I feel like the 296 is only half of a driver’s car it could be if it had a Manuel instead.
      Like the experience of a modern dino 206 or 246

    4. @ben nguyen It is certainly easy to have fun in a lot of cars, even now I have fun when I can smoke a modified JDM car at lights in my “stock” VW. Regarding the end about whether I’d choose an F8 over this, I would take the 296 out over the F8. I might be crazy to most but I honestly think the 296 is not too much and not too little, it’s somewhat perfect.

  7. Trust me you do not want to be clutching and shifting an 800+ HP Ferrari. People complain all the time about not getting over 1-2nd gear in twisty roads in a 500 HP GT3…

    1. People loving their hp figures and also complain no manual… I can’t say anything myself, but having 800hp or even more with a manual just does not sound easy to drive on streets at all.

    2. @Hudson Ensz Yes, but with these cars, and this ballpark of HP and weight, even if you were to put a manual in one, you would barely spend a few seconds per gear at full throttle.
      Watch any 0-100 acceleration of Ferraris like 488, F8, SF90, or similar from other brands and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You floor it, and with these cars you’re in 5th gear before you know it. Now picture yourself shifting manually to match a similar acceleration. It’s not impossible but it’s not what the pleasure of a manual is about.

  8. I have a VW Touareg -great VR6. If it had a stick, would still not be fun. Anything that rhymes with errari is fun.

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