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  1. I actually really miss when engines would be shown off in a glass display case in mid engine cars, Mclaren is probably one of the worst offenders even though I really love their cars.

    1. @HaroldPorsche 911 engines are mounted too far back for any human to see without removing a rear panel

    1. in 2004…… when carrera gt’s were sitting and selling under sticker. want an enzo you could buy one with 0 history.

    1. Lol, it gets fogged. That’s why Lamborghini Miura used louvres instead of a glass back when the defogger haven’t discovered

  2. I thought that the 1987 Ferrari F40 had a window displaying the engine and the 1995 F50 also… so this one is’nt the first one to have this feature. Am I wrong?

    1. While you are correct the f40 and f50 didn’t use glass like the 360 and instead lexan or plastic which were much lighter than glass

  3. The “Crescent Cup” in eureka springs Arkansas where the Ferrari club of America always met up with some of the absolute coolest vehicles I’ve ever seen!
    Spyker C8, Zonda, NSX, the R8 V10 plus Spyder(a year b4 it was available to the public!) and then you have the yearly Porsche meetup.
    They debuted the 918 Spyder with full Martini livery.
    That car was pretty cool but the coolest car was owned by two 75 + year old couple who had owned a 356 since they bought it new in California!

    The best thing is 90% of the people will let you molest their vehicle as long as you’re respectful!
    One time a guy a mustang got all bent out of shape because I brushed up against his car oogling the f40 beside it.
    The guy who owned the f40 either wanted to make a point or saw how much I wasn’t being careless and handed me the keys to his 911 GT2.

    There’s no place outside of some straight highways in the western states where you can actually uncork that thing!
    It was a manual and I barely got into third gear 🤯

  4. If I recall it right, there was the F430 before this one that had the engine covered by glass only.

  5. Speaking of revolutions, if you drive a Ferrari like a proper sports car, the connecting rods snap! So does the shift lever, driveshaft, and pretty much everything else, come to think of it.

  6. I enjoy dark humour quite a bit, especially when it’s at the expense of loathsome subjects. What I don’t enjoy is when people use the term as a façade to be a racist a$shole. That’s not funny. But jokes about emos I find hilarious as a goth.

  7. Algorithm must be watching me, I’m reading a manga about a Countach vs Modena a while ago lol.

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