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  1. People at Ferrari: okay we need to bump up the price to $220k what do we do? Make a toolset out of leather maybe? I don’t know, still $3 short. Just toss in an alernator belt lol

  2. Ferrari allows people to work on their car themselves?
    Surprising, given how snobby Ferrari is.

  3. Hey Doug I’ve been enjoying your videos since the silver vantage on the transporter truck lol

    What do you think of the 599 in comparison?
    I’m saving up and would want to get a front engine V12 Ferrari
    These are rare but that 599 is so close to the GTO which I appreciate a lot.
    If you had to choose between the two
    Q1.which would you think would have a large increase in price over the next ten years?
    Q2. Which would have the “lower” cost of driving and maintenance?
    Q3. 550 or 599 when it comes to the cool wall where are you putting the two?

  4. What’s the point? Is it a gift to the mechanic? It’s not like a Ferrari owner will even know what a wrench is.

  5. 8mpg 😂😂😂😂 they got semi trucks with 15 liter engines that get better mpg than that 😂😂😂

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