Ferrari Dino, GTO, AMC, and more: rare and forgotten cars in Virginia | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 119

With the aid of his good friend Zach, Tom discovers a cache of unusual and forgotten vehicles concealed away in Virginia. The 2nd Ferrari ever discovered on , an AMC Javelin and an assortment of Dodge trucks round out a collection of rougher vehicles that may ride again with a little (or a lot) of 'sweat equity'.

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Ferrari Dino, GTO, AMC, and more: rare and in Virginia | – Ep. 119

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  1. Every time new episode comes out. It feels like meeting with an old friend. Thanks Hagerty 🤝🤝

  2. That’s a good looking Duster and I’m not even a Mopar guy. I’d give it a good mechanical resto and drive it. A lot.

  3. The one GTO is a 64 and the 66 is a rare color Irish mist I think. I am very interested in the 66, I will be in touch.

  4. I want to get in touch with the guy about the 66 GTO. Looks like a good project.

  5. As an actual step child (a red headed one, no less), I approve of the usage of ‘step child’ in this video lol

  6. Those dodge are on the come up with the c10’s short beds. Because of the crazy Cummins swaps people put in them. Or naturally another gas motor is 1st option usually

  7. Well those jet provosts topped out at 440 mph so heaven knows where he got the 540 knots from ! (about 600mph ) .

  8. A new episode of Barn Find Hunter to finish off my night. Perfect, love the vids as always ❤️

  9. When I worked in Roanoke by the airport, I used to watch that guy fly those jets in the summer time. It was unusual to see small jets like that in the area.

  10. That Country Squire is an absolute sweetheart, set the tone for the whole episode. Classic Tom Cotter. Thanks.

    1. I remember Tom driving the custom ordered Country Squire signed off by Lee Iacocca in an early episode.

  11. This was one of my most fun car days. Getting to hang out with my great friend Tom Cotter as we toured around the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in our woody wagons. Thanks to my friends Chuck and Bill along with Nick and Greg in episode 118 for permitting Tom to share their car stories. Thanks to Hagerty Media and The Barn Find Hunter team for the quality productions and keeping the stories of old vehicles alive.

    1. BTW~ my Mom had the subsequent year Colony Park wagon. So I’ve been a life long hatchback and wagon guy. Despite fixing Porsche through college…LoL

  12. Tom, I’ve been watching you for a few years now. And as much as I enjoy you and your content. It drives me batty. Why in the world would anyone let any of these cars sit to this level of deterioration instead of selling!?!?!

    Secondly and far more important!!! Why the hell, can’t the owners Power Wash at least once a year.!?!? It’s totally baffling!!! BTW~ my Mom had the subsequent year Colony Park wagon. So I’ve been a life long hatchback and wagon guy. Despite fixing Porsche through college…LoL

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