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  1. Good to see Doug DeMuro on YouTube shorts now. At least it’s good to see them being recommended to me.

    1. Imo the 458 italia was the last pureblooded ferrari supercar, the 488 was way too “techy” and the turbochargers gave it a generic sound and feel as far as supercars go

    2. @TheV8Pumpkinwe don’t mean “Ferrari” just by pure performance, but the old-money-luxury feel they used to have all the way until the 2000’s. don’t get me wrong, the extreme weight-saving, razor-sharp styling and extreme power will never go out of style, but it will never cater to all the senses like old Ferrari’s do.

  2. Just your average meeting at the Ferrari HQ:
    “Hey guys, how much would it cost to make our cars reliable?”
    – “Too much!”
    “Okay then, how much does a comprehensive toolkit cost?”
    – “Less….”

  3. It’s the least they can do since they’ll be suing you for repairing a Ferrari once you’ve finished.

  4. Imagine going to dinner with Doug and he actually talks like this in a normal conversation about his steak or what time he was planning on going to bed

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