Ferrari F430 6-Speed Manual Swap Review: The Best Modern Ferrari?


This is the Ferrari F430 6-Speed Manual Swap, the best modern-day Ferrari. Today I'm examining this Ferrari F430, and I'll show you all the numerous peculiarities and functions. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Ferrari F430 and show you what it resembles to .


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00:00 THIS …
00:39 It Can Be Yours On Cars & Quotes !!!
01:16 Overview.
03:15 The Manual Transmission Swap.
04:09 Greater Mileage.
04:41 Interior Quirks & Features.
06:31 How to Tell It's been Swapped.
07:45 Uncommon Controls.
09:18 Tiny Pixelated Screen.
10:31 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics.
12:09 Convertible Roofing System Operation.
12:51 Exterior Styling.
14:11 The Engine.
14:42 Vroom Vroom.
15:12 More Exterior Quirks & Features.
16:04 Front Trunk.
18:21 Driving Experience.
22:44 Last Thoughts.
23:15 DougScore.

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Ferrari F430 6-Speed Manual Swap Review: The Best Modern Ferrari?

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    1. It’s also technically correct. Basically anything that moves using an electric motor is classed as an “electric vehicle” and it’s the reason EV fire statistics are so high. When your neighbour’s knock-off e-bike he got from Wish inevitably self-combusts, it counts as an electric vehicle fire.

    2. “THIS is the new rear wheel drive, single seater, performance mobility EV, and today, I’m going to review it, show you all of its quirks and features, and then get it out on the sidewalk.”

    3. @@PeskyTheWabbit
      It can also be optioned with voice controls for Paraplegics which is a pretty neat quirk and feature

  1. What a good combo. I hope the buyer enjoys rowing through the gears with the top down on every sunny day.

  2. The F430 is still one of those Cars that still looks timeless (The Design of course).
    I have never driven a Manual Swap, only an original Manual and they’re surprisingly not too difficult to find here in Germany and especially Europe for some Reason.
    Prost & Cheers from Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps

    1. I never rated the 430 much at the time: when it was new it felt to me like a failed attempt at making the Ferrari 360 look a little bit newer, with added angular design cues from a Hyundai Coupe of the time…
      And I hate hate hate the rear lights design where it looks like theyre almost about to fall out of the rear of the cars. It took way too long for Ferrari to give up that design “feature” 🙁
      Gotta admit: Apart from the tail lighits, the 430 has grown on me though… I wouldnt call it timeless but it still kind of does look contemporary still.

    2. @@rogerwennstrom6677
      I do agree, i felt the same way when it came out, though instead of the tail lights i feel the “early LED daytime running lights” don’t looks so good anymore now. Same is true with the Audi R8 but i still prefer both their Looks

  3. What about the GT version of the Ferrari F50? When’s that review, and the Mercedes CLK-GTR and Porsche 911 GT1?
    At least Doug already did the Lamborghini Diablo GTR now that was badass.

  4. A manual-swapped modern Ferrari? That’s sick! It’s sad that they dosen’t make these cool manual Ferraris anymore…

    1. Cool is in the eye of the beholder, but for me the idea of anything other than a proper manual transmission in a sports car is mind boggling.

    2. I can’t possibly dislike this enough. THIS was THE car that made manual transmissions obsolete!!!

    3. @@charleydrummond8789 Well, manual conversion kits for the F430 are selling like hotcakes, so, no, not really.

    1. Yeah. Of a janky modded high mileage and transmission swapped ferrari too. Crazy. Eat your heart out Ed Bolean.

    2. ​@@ruvindap66he’s really getting down that strategy of talking about values but without mentioning a price. The only thing he’s more adept at and that is talking up his own very specific supercars.

    3. I kinda disagree friend, there is no “complete” here… Doug reviewed 4x 2024 brand new car in the last month, still 25-30-40% of the videos are brand new cars depending on the month.

    4. @@EternalGoldenBraid I feel like Dougs always kind of had the brand/business first mentality about him. Not necessarily a bad thing, you gotta make a living somehow and Carrera GTs aren’t cheap.

    1. Exactly. If you want cold air, the off button has to be depressed. If the off button is not “on” it just blows air. Hence, it actually has a function!

    1. yeah i think that’s what it has to be. my car has it labeled “A/C” pretty clearly so the label’s certainly got that italian flair but i think that’s the most reasonable assumption. Some cars have A/C on by default at all times so maybe that’s the reasoning behind calling it “off”

    2. That is especially useful when driving a convertible in not-so-warm weather and you’d rather have warm, instead of cold, air blowing into you 😂

    1. It’s weird seeing him getting old. His YT channel is ten years old and back then he had a lot more hair, wasn’t married, didn’t have a kid, didn’t have cars and bids, he was just doing dumb things with a CTSV wagon for fun.

  5. Doug is the type of guy to drop a Ferrari review on the same day as the biggest Ferrari F1 news of the past decade

  6. All the stoage open buttons don’t work unless you have the key so you can keep the roof open when parked and everything is secured, including the trunk.

    1. Exactly, and Dougie D would be the first to complain if they all worked with the key off because then he’d claim there’s no lockable storage

    been waiting YEARS for a driving video since his review of one 🙄🙄🙄

  8. Has anyone else notified Doug is slowly getting less and less detailed in his reviews? I used to love the 40+ minute reviews where he goes so in detail

    1. He explained it quite a few times why he trimmed his total video time a bit, one of which was briefly discussed in his latest Cars and Bids livestream. Longer run times tend to get a bit less views in total. Doug also took Saabkyle04’s videos as an example, saying that eventually, some of Kyle’s extremely-detailed in-depth reviews gained less views and a similar trend also happens to him.

  9. Thanks Doug. A master Ferrari Independent near me said a manual f430 is the closing chapter of the Ferrari era before the computers took over. The official Ferrari main dealer in my city who’s senior mechanic recently won Ferrari mechanic of the year told me “the manual f430 is the best road Ferrari, its handling, feel, engine sound, steering and its straight forward to work on. In the workshop amongst all the engineers it’s our favourite of all Ferraris” and added… “hell, even the paint quality is unequaled”. I’m fortunate to own a manual coupe and am of course biased to agree because it’s amazing.

  10. @12:40
    Dougs the type of guy to speed up his video only 145% amd make sure he tells us it’s exactly 145% and not just make it 150%

  11. I am good friends with the owner of this exact model and have been fortunate enough to have driven it before the gated manual was swapped in. This car has an absolute presence like no other car I’ve ever seen. The exhaust note is superb, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or outside the vehicle. While the exhaust is loud, I personally feel that it just adds to the head-turning power that the car has in a good way. The ride is amazing, and when I put my foot down and the nose rose up and the car squatted slightly on the rear axle and started howling its way toward 60 mph, the sheer happiness generated by this process is indescribable. From the outside, the car is absolutely gorgeous, and sitting in the driver’s seat is what I imagine sitting on the back of an Italian race horse would feel like. Ferrari scored with this one for sure. If I could afford this car, I’d have it in my garage before you could say “quirks and features.”

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