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    1. Yea I was just going to say. It should just have a symbol of a snowflake like my old Renault Clio. That would have made much more sense.

      In fact with “off” – does that mean it’s off when the button is on?

  1. The fact that this man OWNED such a Ferrari F430, AND ALSO “tests” all sorts of exclusive cars for a living, and lacks the capacity to comprehend the most elementary concepts related to how this car – and most other cars actually – works, is simply tragic. Millions of car owners worldwide know that they can switch the AC compressor on & off independently from the vents. This guy can’t even fathom it. Sad. There’s a perfectly fitting saying in German: “Perlen vor die Säue werfen”. Literally, “to throw pearls at pigs (to eat)”. Meaning to waste something exquisite & valuable on someone whose palet doesn’t even have the capacity to differentiate it from much cheaper/ less worthy things. Doug has such a pig-adjacent palet when it comes to cars, taste, and… basic technology. And he even felt confident enough to post a short clip of this self incriminating bit where he just shows his whole a$$. My brain hurts. Life is unfair.

    1. in the beginning this was fun and kind of “cute”. 10 years later it is not. He even read the damned owners manuals!!

  2. The off thing is closing the recycled air so no air from the outside comes in while you drive. Many vehicles have this, like the older middle dial 2000’s ford ac dial

    1. Wrong! The recycle button is on the other side, the button with the bend arrow which you see in the beginning of the video. The off button is for turning the A/C compressor on or off. So with off button pressed, it’s like driving a car with no A/C.

  3. oh whoa, an OFF button that do nothing. beside turning the AC off regardless of what FAN speed you want to use. Radical

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