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  1. The whole point of it bending is because if the key were to snap inside the ignition it would cause the whole steering and engine to lock up resulting in a big crash

    1. I was thinking that. Or world. Mundo is world in spanish. And there is a south american cutlery company called mundial. I figured it was something like that.

  2. I don’t know about folding keys. I do know that there was a kit sold, that allowed owners of the Pontiac Fiero to make their cars look exactly like the Mondial. The kit used genuine Ferrari OEM headlights and taillights, and with other body panels that bolted on in the exact positions as the real Mondial, making the kit car very difficult to distinguish from the real Ferrari, at first glance.

  3. Funny how taste changes. Cars that nobody wanted as new are now desirable. Maybe it’s time to buy Fiat Multipla as an investment 🤔

    1. If you get one now they can’t be more than like 900€ in decent condition and almost all are already rusted to hell so, maybe some collector will eventually want it if you keep it in shape. (Pre-facelift multiplas that is, no-one cares about the facelift)

  4. The whole concept of this folding key is them admitting your compartment is part of the crumple zone in a crash.

  5. I wish my VW Beetle key could do that, it digs into my knee a bit even when not crashing. A folding key is a great idea….if there’s no other way to just put the ignition someplace else in the car.

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