FINALLY Collecting My NEW Porsche 911 GT3! [992]

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It's felt like forever, however it's in fact just been 10 months since I placed the deposit for my brand-new Porsche 911 GT3. After a few postponed with production the automobile has lastly shown up therefore I head down to Porsche Guildford to collect it!

Thanks to d: class for the amazing work on the interior:.

See my GT3 journey to this point:.
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FINALLY Collecting My NEW Porsche 911 GT3! [992]

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  1. Huge congrats Sam! Been following for like 6-7 years and honestly feel so happy for you because we all know how much you wanted that car! Also congrats on becoming a father! Hope this car bring many happy road trips and memories to this channel! We are all happy to be a part of this journey!

    1. @Seen Through Glass You not getting it PPF i would too be on safe side with all the miles you are going too do.

    2. Keep the yellow calipers. The license plate is yellow and the badge is yellow-ish. Also is an indicator of carbon ceramics. With green-ish paint, it looks good.

    3. @Seen Through Glass And you specced this BEFORE the Bub arrived, so we can’t blame lack of sleep for speccing aGT3 so that it looks uglier than a hatful of arseholes…..

      Jesus, what were you thinking? You can tell that even you realized you have completely f’ed this up. More money than tatse.

    1. @Julian 987R Cantankerous… says the idiot who said ‘he out specced you here, it’s checkmate’ like say spec isn’t subjective but in your pee brain seems to be a competition.Do you understand the various cars he has E.g a Carrera GT. Do you know how much that’s worth? Clueless.

    2. @John Guidetti I am fully aware of his fleet of cars. You seem so uppity. I’ll leave you to your afternoon fanboy prayer to Thomas. Best regards

    3. @Julian 987R I like to call out twits like you see if you actually process how silly your comments are. Which I can see I have because it’s made you think about your sad little life not one constructive conversation about spec just defensive. Rattled.

  2. no one deserves this more than you Sam. The work that you put into YouTube doesn’t go unnoticed. So excited for you and the adventures to come with this car. The spec is truly beautiful. Congratulations!!! 👏👏👏

  3. Absolutely love your spec on the GT3! What a fabulous start to the year for more reasons than one, congratulations!

  4. Massive congrats Sam! This has been a long time coming and it is a testament to your hard work on this channel. Can’t wait to see the adventures!

  5. Congratulations Sam! Been a long term viewer of the channel and it is so good to see you collecting a dreamy Porsche in an AMAZING spec! Absolutely love the exterior colour and the options you have gone for overall.
    Looking forward to seeing some lovely B-Roll in the upcoming adventures 🏎️

  6. Congrats Sam! Like many of us here, I’ve been watching my your channel since the Alfa and watching you grow is a true inspiration to all of us aspiring to live our their automotive dreams. Cheers to the new adventures ahead with this GT3! Also congrats on the baby!

  7. Love. Those. Seats! The whole car looks stunning, Id be ecstatic if I’d pulled the sheet off and revealed that. The colour suites it so well!

  8. That GT3 is ABSOLUTELY stunning Sam. Many congratulations and well done you for speccing it this way it looks AWESOME 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  9. Yellow callipers look amazing, they make the car pop a bit more and the alcantara wheel is almost mandatory on a gt3 since it’s a more track focused car

    1. ⬆️⬆️⬆️
      Hi.. congratulations you’ve been selected among winners,Dm to
      Claim ⬆️⬆️

  10. Congratulations Sam ! You’ve deserved this ! I want to let you know that you have an amazing filming skills and in my opinion you should lunch a cars’ film agency because those angles you getting your shots from are just out this world ! Keep going and thanks for the astonishing content !

    1. @sabre22b Sorry, bad error on my part.
      Colours are certainly an individual choice, my personal thoughts/ dislike of the colour should be just that.

  11. I think the colour and the wheels are fabulous. The callipers would grow on me, but the interior… I would never, the original was better imo.

  12. Hi Sam, huge congratulations on the amazing new car and on becoming a dad! I can’t think of anyone in the automotive YouTube space that is more deserving of success than yourself, and that makes watching this video all the more pleasurable! Hope it brings you many smiles per gallon!

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