Finding Morocco’s Most Dangerous Driving Roads… In A Ferrari!

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Finding Morocco's Most Dangerous Driving Roads… In A Ferrari!

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  1. I’m really enjoying the content you make lately. Not sure how do you manage with a kid at home, but keep it going, Sam. Ferrari! Bambini! Eyyy!

  2. Mate – the effort and passion you put in to your content is incredible! Best automotive youtuber period! Thanks for all your hard work and giving us all something to unwind too and escape day to day life living through your content is my escapism!

  3. You are absolutely hitting your stride. This is beautiful, thoughtful, relaxed, artistic. You let the rest of us feel what an unbridled automotive experience could be, and we love you for it.


  4. The thing you do to get out of your way to tell stories that are so unique is absolutely amazing. Love it !

  5. It’s so nice seeing the channel do well Sam ! You are by far my favourite YouTuber 💪🏽❤️

  6. Absolutely incredible videos and content as always – Your channel is excuse the phrase ” simply the best ” on Youtube . The fact you took your own car , a beautiful restored Ferrari at that and drove it on those roads is amazing ! I wouldn’t dream of doing that , I would be far too worried taking my car there but I have to take my hat off to you I really do . Keep up the amazing content and best wishes as you deserve to be hugely successful .

  7. STG’s content is amazing to watch. I like how you would film different videos with the 360 and never feel like repetition or as if the content is recycled.

  8. What a video!!! Thank you Sam for taking us on the adventure! And, I always love the mid-week uploads 👌 don’t feel pressured to keep doing it but I always love it when you do

  9. It feels so weird seeing Morocco, my home country on youtube, especially when it’s filmed by a youtuber that I’ve been following for a long time. Too bad we didn’t get the same thing from matt farah when he went to the porsche dakar press event in the Moroccan sahara.
    Kudos to you mr seen through glass, you picked one of the best countries to do a roadtrip in the Mediterranean bassin.

  10. Can we just appreciate the sheer amount of effort Sam puts into his videos cinematography-wise. Beautiful country, stunning content!

  11. You are most welcome to come back again anytime, it was so amazing watching you go through the toughest roads of the country. Mainly for your first experience in Morocco, i would’ve advised you visiting other, easier, parts of the country to have a feel of the roads first and know it more, but kudos to you, planning such an amazing adventure with the lovely 360 as your first true experience in Morocco.
    You can enjoy a visit to the north for a more relaxed and well paved roads with some of the best sceneries ever, or come on winter to enjoy the snowy roads around Ifrane or even dig deeper to the south but that would preferably be better with an SUV or an offroader. Essaouira is a good place to visit too (you were closer to it in Marrakech) as they have organised the Ferrari Cavalcade international of this year in both cities.
    And yes, a GT would be more suitable for your next visit to the country.

  12. The 360 adventures are your best content by far! Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

  13. Those road workers would have been gobsmacked! Your restoration of the 360 was incredibly thorough, 20 yrs old and it’s coped perfectly with the heat, contrasting with Mr JWW’s brand new Jag restomod that struggled in Dubai during Gumball 3000

  14. So much effort, so much passion – it really gets to us through the screen and it’s always appreciated, Sam. I think you’re nailing this type of content!

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