FIRST DRIVE! New Ferrari Roma Spider Review | Henry Catchpole – The Driver’s Seat

Why is the brand-new the biggest challenge for the well-known Italian supercar producer? Because this is suggested to represent the spirit of La Dolce Vita. And recording the spirit of a 1960s movie in a cars and truck is hard. You can't simply include more power or more grip. You require to take advantage of people's feelings. You require to bottle lightning or a minimum of trap it in the glovebox.

Of course Ferrari has done it in the past with vehicles like the 250 California and Daytona Spider. However in some way it appears progressively hard with contemporary automobiles. Nevertheless, a go back to a fabric roofing system rather than the hard top of the Portofino is a great start because it quickly appears more glamorous. It will also furl and unfurl in simply 13.5 seconds and at speeds of up to 37mph.

That's not to say that the Spider is all design and no speed, since with a 3.9-litre, twin-turbo V8, putting out 611bhp through a twin-clutch transmission, it can 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds. The steering has the familiar Ferrari sharpness to it and the chassis, despite a 30 percent reduction tightness compared to the coupe, remains really capable when you're on an excellent piece of roadway. And we certainly discovered an excellent piece of road on Sardinia; peaceful and sinuous, with a sensation of being up in the mountains yet within sight of the sea, it was quite magical.

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FIRST DRIVE! New Review | – The Driver's Seat

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  1. I have been binging Henry’s videos, old and new, these past few days. “The Last Pass” was amazing. The moment I heard of the Roma Spider, I wanted to see you at the wheel!

  2. Henry, the videos are outstanding. Your message is clear and consistent regarding the cars being reviewed. I look forward to all your upcoming videos, keep up the great work 👍

  3. Crazy to me how the “base model” Ferrari is actually the best sounding of the current sports/supercars (296 & SF90)

    1. the 296 and the SF90 soud amazing, if you hear in person! And a part from that is the Euro 5 and Euro 6 what cut the sound

    1. It’s too small. Well, might be, ofc depending on drivers height. I wonder how Henry got in and had space for legs since he’s over 190cm if not mistaken. I’m 199cm and slim but I had barely space for legs, on longer trips it would be felt.

  4. “Pick up the pace and the Roma becomes taut – rather like a non-newtonian fluid.” Genius analogy, effortlessly delivered.

  5. The Roma is a great looking car, and does those Ferrari things well. But I just really dislike the cabin design (especially that incongruous plasticky center screen which will rapidly date the interior, and the haptic controls) And if I had the dough to purchase one of these, would be a dealbreaker.

  6. Personally I thought I would not be budged from my love for the AM Vanquish 2014 onwards convertible, but I have to say this car looks so sleek, stylish, even sexy, this colour brings out all its curves, plus I agree totally that the steering wheel is far to fussy but do you need to be playing around with this stuff when it has Apple CarPlay … hope the sound system is as good as it looks …. Yes please ….

  7. A twin test with a Jag F type would be interesting. Is the Roma twice the car along with twice the price of the F type? I’m sure people would complain about that comparison, but I also wonder what would be the more exclusive car?

    1. you wonder what would be the more exclusive car??? i can spare you the watching time. it’s the rari. f type doesn’t even compare. and i’m not even a rari fan

    2. What car are you more likely to see on the road is my definition of exclusive, I have a feeling seeing a convertible F Type is probably less likely to happen@Hazardeur

    3. dude where do you live? i see these things on a weekly basis, sometimes daily. a rari maybe once a month if even that @Vok Star

  8. Arguably the prettiest Ferrari since the 308. While most attention tends to be on the 296 and the 812, the Roma may actually be the most enduring in terms of its placement in the Ferrari stable. Will it become an icon like the 365GTB? I wouldn’t bet against it.

  9. Beautifully shot and remarkably relevant as usual with Henry… And that Omega Speedmaster on a NATO strap complement perfectly the ambiance of the Roma!

  10. Gorgeous car, beautiful V8, lovely interior. This car is really underrated, as far as sporty grand tourers go this is way up there among the best

  11. There really ought to be an Automotive Experts Hall of Fame, with superlative presenters like Henry Catchpole in it.

  12. I wondered where Henry had moved onto, it’s good to see him doing his thing, one of the best motoring presenters on YouTube.

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