First Time Ripping The Bugatti Chiron ft. The Hamilton Collection!

I finally a Bugatti for the first time! I bumped into Steve from on the way to vehicle show throughout Monterey vehicle week and he let me his $3 million . Yes, this is the Bugatti that scraped on David Dobrik's driveway. We talk everything about what's in his hypercar collection currently, and what's coming quickly. We also discuss how he makes his cash and how he got these vehicles. This Bugatti is my girlfriends dream automobile, so she loved being shocked with it!

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First Time Ripping The ft. !

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    1. It depends… Which ones are you thinking youd trade? At the end of the day its up to you choose whatever you want for sure we’ll all be amazed by your decision

  1. much love dude from Romania, these videos go so nice when I’m finishing my day or when I’m resting
    Wish you the best!!

  2. That’s a lot of more Bugatti Chiron’s for the Future of the modified supercars.

    Brilliant work Brother.

    Hey Sasha. Bout time you got here.

  3. The only thing prettier than the Bugatti is Sasha 🥰, but these classic Ferraris are rolling pieces of art wow 😍

  4. Honestly going to this event would be a dream come true, now add the experience of driving a buggati, hahaha amazing 🙂

  5. Looks like you and Sasha are in a really good mood — hope your evening is as fun as your day was! 🥴🥴

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