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  1. Notice the air quotes around SAVE THE PLANET

    As an enthusiast with an owneship stake in a car trading website, he’s not sold on electrics. What a quirky feature

    1. Or maybe it’s a criticism on how new cars are inherently more polluting than almost any old car due to production emissions, and how many “Save the planet” buyers were replacing perfectly good vehicles that were well within their service life (maybe even to a point that if they replace them quickly enough, the driving they do doesn’t even offset the increased production emissions vs a new gas car). I don’t think most people who would consider one of these high-end electics is gonna be trading in a 97 Civic for it.

    2. @Efrain Astorga I’m not taking sides on this argument, simply making an observation of Doug’s behavior

      Please get your own soapbox

  2. I remember as a child, staring at my solar calculator in math class, wondering if they’ll ever put these on cars. Took them 3 decades later to do it.

    1. Because on a cars perspective they barely make sense. Also it’s usually an expensive extra in the few cars you could have it and won’t redeem in the long run

  3. That solar panel will probably never make enough energy to cover for the pollution it cost to make. Solar pannels take a ton of energy and green house gases to make. Yeah its cool but its not environmentally friendly.

  4. I cant believe all cars dont have them, its not about giving 30 miles a day but over the course of a cars life it could give thousands

  5. I like the solar panel idea. Hate the lack of a headliner. It’s all the negatives of a glass roof with none of the positives

    1. Useful when there’s hardly any charging stations and you probably need to get home you can let it sit there for two days at your friends and probably get 10 miles out of it who knows

  6. With a stat like “1500 miles a year under normal driving” this is nothing more than a novelty trick.

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