Fixing Up A Subscriber’s Rare Car For An Emotional Reunion

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This week Alex and Gareth fix up a rare E46 for owner Daniel.

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Fixing Up A Subscriber's Rare Car For An Emotional Reunion

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  1. Guys, you’re amazing. Among all those content creators, you’re among very few that actually gives back to their viewers and with a bang:) Thank you very much, love you all.

    1. @Marcin MICHALSKI If you like this type of mechanical kindness, I suggest you to re-watch the Search & Restore TV series: 4 weeks, 4 teams of pro, fully repairing and customizing the car of a well deserving viewer. What they achieve in such a short period of time is quite amazing and not-fake for once, pure gold!

    2. I’ll never understand why there is so many gross links in the comment sections urrrrggghhhh! I came here for cars not for nuisances.

    3. @Glitch TTG Just click on the 3 dots next to the comment and a flag will appear. Click on it and a list will appear. Choose the “pornographic or sexual” option and send it. That way you will help the community to ban those gross comments 😉 Thanks!

  2. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

    Guys you are legends, more guys are needed in this world like you. Big hearts, souls full of love, keep up the great work! Greetings from Hungary! 💪❤️

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    1. @EMAX Nah I doubt it. 3.7 million views the past 30 days, thats about £5,000 in revenue. The guys don’t own the channel. Sponsours may pay allot, or they do deals to feature their products for something in return

    2. @SlavPlaysGames i have a friend who is a big csgo youtuber. Also depends on cpm. Financial channels get the highest for example

    3. @Adam W true ye .. i read a bit about it … but im sure that when it’s family friendly if you have views you will make money .. but youtube is supposed to be for 1 to 3 people i would say … i would assume they work on salary and get nothing from the youtube channel except if they are also co owners of the channel … again they are all adults and im pretty sure they doing well haha

  3. I lived next door to Danny for several years. This car was part of our street and I’m pleased to see it restored to its original glory. All the best to Danny & family 🎄

  4. Respect to the CT team for doing this – I’m sure Daniels dad would have been proud of the work you’ve done to keep the car running – that portrait in the boot was a nice touch 🙌🏽

  5. Wonderful job as always guys, great entertainment that benefits everyone involved. A great image for Gyeon to be backing genuine down-to-earth car guys and the kind of content that will continue to keep us watching for years. Cheers and have a safe, broken, rusty BMW filled chrissy from Australia!

  6. Amazing thing you’ve done here for Dan! Car looked beautiful by the end and as Alex would say “has been given a new lease of life!” Wish you a speedy recovery from your knee injury Dan and all the best for you in the future! Sure your Dad would be proud! And of course very greatful to the CT crew! Beautiful!

  7. Yeah, this one hit the feels. The painting at the end tipped it over the edge. Top job gents. Once again an incredible gesture in giving back to the community 🧡

  8. This was that wonderful bit of humanity I needed tonight, you guys are fantastic, having met Alex a few times he’s just the most genuine bloke, you all are fantastic people! Cracking job!

  9. Actually really impressed with that Gyeon cleaning stuff. I know they sponsored the video but I’m converted! Beautiful job all round. Just a shame you guys featured ANOTHER BMW on the channel. No wonder Ethan wasn’t involved 🤣

  10. I was left crying at the end, you can’t explain the amount of emotions that goes through you when someone fixes the car that you love so much. It’s true petrol heaven. Thank you guys for making this possible for people!

  11. Not afraid to admit I balled like a baby at this, lost my dad earlier this year out of the blue while he helped me with my first car so it hit a little close to home. you guys are the best creators out there bar none giving back to the community is rare nowadays but you do it with so much class. So yeah thank you all at CT 🙂

    1. C’mon Harry, chin up mate. Dad’s looking down on you very proud of you. You’re keeping his legacy going and a part of him still remains on this earth in you. In sure you’ve made and still are making him very proud. May your Father rest in peace ❤️✌️

    2. Sorry to hear that mate, i dont know you but I’m sure your dad will be proud of everything you do in life, and will be looking down on you. Have a lovely Chrismas.

    3. Chin up son, Lost my dad this year to covid a month before his first grandchild was born. We use to work on our cars together so this is so relatable, our dads are proud 👏 ❤ well done mate for sharing 👏

  12. OMG that was so moving and emotional. I must be getting old. Absolutely well done to you and the team! What an amazing job – so much love!

  13. I’m not crying you’re crying

    This is probably one of the best CT episodes I’ve ever watched. You guys are top notch.

  14. I absolutely love what you do for people! That Art work was so thoughtful and probably meant more to him than you could ever realise!

  15. I’m a grown man sitting in front of a CT video with tears running down my face… You guys are awesome. Of course I’m a CT fan because I love cars but what makes me love this channel even more are your big hearts. Even in my really dark times CT always gives me a good feeling. Keep on doing this guys. May god bless you all and I wish all the best to Danny and his Family. This guy really deserved what you did for him.

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