Ford Bronco Raptor Meets Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Wagen, Land Rover Defender — Jason Cammisa ICONS

What vehicle screams all American authenticity, raw off-road power, and represents a full-circle piece of vehicle history? We give you, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor.

In this episode of ICONS, Jason examines the Ford Bronco Raptor, alongside the , the G63 AMG, and the Land Rover Protector 90 V8. Jason puts the BRaptor to the test, to see if it can compare to these 3 famous off-road automobile brand names.

We'll take you overlanding (sort of) into the off-road mecca of the Bronco, in addition to into the more 'realistic' rural Starbucks packed lands, to put the Raptor to the supreme test. Does the Ford Bronco name, reanimated from its 1970's tomb, compare to these 3 well developed automobile Icons? Is this brand-new Raptor revival a practical lorry for the modern-day motorist? And what distinguishes the Bronco Raptor from the standard Bronco, Bronco Heritage, or ?

Join automobile journalist Jason on his journey, as he discusses if the brand-new Bronco Raptor is really 'Developed Wild,' or ought to be exiled …

0:00 Intro– Why the Ford Bronco Raptor IS automobile authenticity.
1:30 The competitors: Its a Jeep Thing, G-Thang, and an always damaged thing?
2:20 Bronco Raptor: Put To The Test
3:00 Down And Dirt-y: Raptor's Suspension Evaluation
4:38 13 Reasons Why The Bronco Manages So Well (No Children Were Harmed, We Guarantee).
6:13 Raptor Boulders Over Boulders, Does The Competitors Hold Up?
8:05 Jason Crushes an Isuzu Trooper.
8:30 "We understand What Our Clients Are Going To Finish With This Automobile".
9:38 Off-Roader, or Suppress Stomper?
11:32 Backroads Bronco: Driving Evaluation.
13:00 Brakes? Where Are The Brakes?
14:00 Bronco Raptor Compared To The Current Automotive Market.
15:00 Bronco Raptor vs contrast.
15:20 Geländewagen sales success.
16:06 Land Rover Protects Its Off-Road Territory.
16:24 The BRaptor Decision.


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Ford Bronco Raptor Meets , G-Wagen, Land Rover Defender — Jason Cammisa ICONS

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    1. @Jose Abarca top gear is full of politics, youtube is where people shine because they can be as creative as possible

  1. Jason does the best automotive reviews IMO. And while I’m sitting in a Dr office I have the CC on, kudos to whoever does that because the jokes in the captions are 100% on brand.

    1. @TituzzzD yeah, I normally never use CC but while sitting in the Dr office I was watching it with them and going forward I will watch him with them on. That is if our favorite professional idiot gets out of the asylum in time and gets his license back.

  2. Cammisa has forgotten more about being the best automotive personality in the business than most will ever know. He’s out at Car Week, reeking of improperly jetted Ferrari carbs right now looking like Sandler, rubbing shoulders with auto-execs and getting his butt kissed for fun! I love this guy!

    1. magnificent
      In general, your content is amazing and you Jason, in my opinion, one of the finest car journalists out there. Professional, ridiculously funny, perfect balance between seriousness and playfulness, excellent video editing. In short, it’s fun to see your excellent content. carry on…

  3. This is why I watch YouTube, the tomfoolery and personality just oozes out in a way that establishment TV shows almost never do nowadays.

    1. Why is a YouTube channel giving us content that far surpasses the uninspired new Top Gear, and the scripted garbage of the Grand Tour? Obviously this is high budget, but the recipe isn’t rocket science.

      Great content as always.

  4. What a video! Kudos again to the team! Jason doesn’t only have a master’s degree of wrecking rentals but doing these videos as well.

  5. 18 minutes of pure joy and smile. Jason and his team is the best thing happened with auto journalism since famous Top Gear trio

  6. The part where you were running over all the curbs made me realize that maybe this is what my fiance should be driving…

    1. Check out the Lucid Air review/ test. Mind-blowing filming and storyline. To me, one of the best car reviews of all time as an old Top Gear fan

  7. Whether it’s Motor Trend, ISSIMI, Hagerty or whatever platform he chooses in the future, Cammisa kills it every time.

    1. Did I miss the actual comparison in the video? It starts and finished with ‘Bronco Raptor Wins’ & ‘defecates on all other vehicles’. I didn’t see any explanation of that? As example, the Jeep 392 has more horsepower, more torque, weighs less, solid axles, and perhaps most importantly for off-roading – has substantially smaller proportions. How is the BR besting that? I’m not saying it doesn’t, but would be good if Jason explained…

  8. That part when Jason goes trough all the road curbs haha, i want a offroad vehicle just for that! 😀

  9. Even after all the Cammisa I’ve seen I still can’t believe how good this is. Best automotive content on YT

  10. What an incredible creation. I like how he ended with respects to the Braptor’s counterparts. I love vehicles made for the soul purpose of fun🙌🏼

  11. Hopes and prayers for Jason and his time at the happy house. The production values of these videos are insane.

    And the Braptor is also awesome. Too bad I won’t be able to afford one until it gets 400k miles on it.

  12. First of all, shouts out for making this series native 21:9, looks SO good on my screen. Second, this is without a doubt the best car series on YouTube, what you all and Jason are doing is absolutely incredible, every time I see a new upload I get so excited!

  13. A land cruiser should’ve been a part of this lineup not only for its heritage but also the amount of love it gets globally for its capabilities

    Great video regardless

  14. Now THIS is automotive content that was missing from YouTube for a while now, Thank you Jason and the team for bringing such amazing videos to life!

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