Ford GTs Were Slow Sellers When New #shorts


THIS is the Ford GT, and not simply any Ford GT, however an abandoned Ford GT that Larry (AMMO NEW YORK CITY) totally detailed and restored after being abandoned for 5 years! @AMMO- NEW YORK CITY.

Ford GTs Were Slow Sellers When New #shorts

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  1. That’s a sweet thing when something becomes collectible when nobody expects it. It raises the value even further

    1. It was destined to be a collectors car . Just like all special edition Mustangs from bk in day now. Newer Ford GTs are sold out every yr since new model in ’20.

  2. If I wasn’t a kid when it came out I would’ve bought one. Loved them then and now. I’ll have one someday

    1. No one had money for these back then, that’s why they weren’t bought lol. Especially during the recession

  3. The first time I saw one of these Ford gt’s I was standing outside of my wrecked car. Some lady tried to make a U-Turn directly into the side of my Volvo. A beautiful red with white stripe GT slowly drove by the wreck and I wish I was in a proper mindset to really soak in the beauty hahaha

  4. Yeah. They were slow sellers because dealers were holding on to them, I know, I was a Ford dealer that sold 2, but knew other dealers that were holding on to them either in their showrooms or as their own cars

    1. @black ice My pacifier was my pride and joy. I couldn’t drive a Bugatti anyway.

  5. Unlike the SLS and other throwback cars, this one actually carries on the looks of the original and revitalises it, instead of just being a distant callback
    Same with the new countach utterly failing it’s goal

  6. Factory-new: 1985 Hyundai Pony. Tin street sign (likely yanked off some corner pole) and tack-welded in. Car-wow

  7. Was $150k msrp bk in 05-06. A good deal for this level of performance. It sold decently. I remember dealers clamoring to get them. Now you CANT get one for less than 500k. *Fast fwd to the new Ford GTs . Sold Out every yr since all new ’20 model debuted* ! Starts at $450k & up to $1mil for specialty Ford GTs. A true super car that’s won every prestigious super car race. Testament to Ecoboost engine technology in newer Ford GTs. -NY

  8. Jesus Christ I remember when these were like 200k and I was thinking I might get one if I’m rich when I’m older

  9. I remember one at a dealership in central-Illinois showroom floor that they really struggled to sell. I remember the dealer saying is that they (the dealership) messed up by ordering one with a stripe delete – everyone wanted stripes at the time.

  10. I knew since Project Gotham Racing 2 in 2003 that the Ford GT was going to be iconic. It just looked so insane and huge, and I had a model one that could open its doors, hood and trunk. That’s when I fell in love with the clamshell types of hoods. I had one on a C5 Corvette a couple years ago. The GT40 was in that game as well.

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