FOUND: 1 of 13 Existing ADPS 1972 Javelin SST Police Cars!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 243!


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FOUND: 1 of 13 Existing ADPS 1972 Javelin SST Police Cars!

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  1. It’s such a blessing that Dennis is going to finish this Holy Grail because you could definitely see the emotions the gentleman went through when he spoke of not being able to finish it or continue to own it. Great content

    1. Dennis’ son was gun downed by Police Officers, so I bet it also brings some not so good memories.

  2. Dennis has such a good reputation you can tell the owner is so happy Dennis has bought the car and is going to finish it…… OUTSTANDING

  3. One of my dad’s favorite stories was him attempting to flee an Alabama State Trooper Javelin in his ’67 Shelby. He was unsuccessful.

    1. ​@DEEREMEYER1 I seriously doubt that the Trooper Javelin would have out run my 71 Ford Custom with an N code 429. Police spec car.

    2. @David Keeton It’s got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it’s got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It’s a model made before catalytic converters so it’ll run good on regular gas.

  4. You’ve got to get that man to Texas when you finish that car and let him take it for a spin. After all that hard work over the years he deserves it.

    1. I own a 1972 javelin max, my dad bought it upon his return from Vietnam in 1972, it’s amazing car!

  5. When I was little boy in the early 70’s I was standing in the front seat of my mom and dads LTD when a gold GTO passed us on US 280 northbound at a high rate of speed. A few minutes later, an AST Javelin passed us as well. About 10 miles up the road, closer to Bham, the Trooper had the GTO driver on the shoulder of the highway. It made an impression on me.

  6. One of the best Coffee Walk episodes ever!!. Mr. Raymond gracefully saying good bye to a dream, but, allowing Dennis to make his dream come true. What a car, what a story. I sure hope Mr Raymond gets a ride in this car . WOW!! Best line was when Dennis asked them to join them for dinner. Mr Raymond….”We couldn’t wait for you to ask” Well done, everyone !!!

    1. I agree …I knew of these cars but didn’t realize the police package and 170 mph. Holy Crap! And he even had the CB.

  7. My father was a dispatcher with the Alabama State Troopers in the 60’s and 70’s. He remembered a call they got one night of a trooper in pursuit of a car that was leaving the pursuing officer in the dust. Another voice came over the radio telling the pursuing officer to knock it off. The other voice was the Lt (who the other trooper was unknowingly chasing) who was in one of the new Javelins and he was just seeing what it could do.

    1. @Sully462 Yes, My father passed in 07. It was great growing up as part of the Trooper Family. It was a different time back then.

    2. Yeah, great story about the 401 Javalin SST’s. There’s cars were fast, but Dennis forgot to mention the DeTomaso Pantera that came with a stock 351 Cleveland with a 5 speed trans that would run about 180. These were the fastest stock cars AMC ever made..

    3. The show was great except for the bad food/ heart attack diabetes specials – the old cat already suffers
      Diabetes- he has the body type soft waist and neuropathy to show for it poor dude-/ such a nice

  8. My family was leaving Chevelles when Dennis came. He actually stopped and spoke and allowed my daughter to take a picture. I can honestly say he is as nice as he seems on camera.

  9. Growing up in Kenosha, this video brought back great memories of these absolutely fantastic cars. Thanks to Dennis and the crew for preserving this AMC holy grail.

  10. What a beautiful car. Can you imagine the look on the Troopers face when they handed him the keys to this beast? And can you imagine the adrenaline rush of his 1st car chase? What a time to be alive. This is by far one of my favorites featured on this channel.

    You have yourself a Holy Grail right there Mr. Dennis Collins.

    Can’t wait to see this thing running/driving when your finished.

  11. This was probably the most entertaining video I’ve seen on this channel. Absolutely off the chart historic car. What a privilege to own it! Congrats!

  12. What an incredible piece of AMC history. Love the Javelins lines and to get a police edition is a holy grail. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  13. As an Alabama resident and native, this is just COOL! That thing is incredibly nice! Fantastic find.

  14. What a excellent episode !
    Such respect for a holly grail car & each other ! No one does it like Dennis !
    Very cool 👌

  15. My Grandfather was a Alabama State Trooper. He was one of the lucky ones to drive one of these in service. At he time my father was dating my mother and ran from my grand father in his Chevelle on his way to pick up my mother.. Needless to say my grandfather pulled up in his own yard to find the Chevelle that had just outrun him.. True story.

  16. Very cool Dennis!! I am a retired Alabama State Trooper and I have heard all the “War Stories” from the Old Timers that drove those cars back in the day. Good Find, there are only a handful of those Javelins left! I was issued one of the 32 Mustang SSP Interceptors that the DPS bought in 1988 ….I have a few “War Stories” myself!! The 35 number was done by the DPS shop all DPS equipment had 35 Numbers.

    1. I was in the academy at another State i 88, when the Troopers were running their new Mustangs on the academy road course day and night. They also had access to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at times for their high end cars.

  17. Greetings from Sweden. What a great video, love how proud the gentlemann was of his car, and that it now went to Dennis who will treat it with respect. Amazing vehicle and the best episodes 🙂

  18. I remember these trooper cars quite well from my childhood. One of my earlier car memories was seeing a trooper chase down a Mustang in one of these and the sound of that Javelin passing us at speed has stayed with me to this very day. All of the troopers who had one have a story to share.

  19. My compliments to the gentelman for all his hard dedication getting that car back together. It’s an absolute gem.

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