FOUND: 1961 Porsche 356!

Invite to Coffee Stroll Ep. 211!

My Holy Grail Blend Blue Island Coffee is offered now!

As always … GO FAST, HAVE A GOOD TIME & HAVE An EXCELLENT WEEKEND!! And thank you for spending your Friday with us.

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FOUND: 1961 Porsche 356!

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  1. Between work and family and all the BS I look forward to sitting down with a cup of Joe and watching all the not only educational but inspiring content you produce. My 3 young son’s 5 and under sit down with me and watch every episode. We love every minute of it. Thank you!!!!

    1. Likewise. I get in late from work on a Friday evening here in Dublin, Ireland and kick back and watch every ever week.

  2. Wow you have been on heck of a run this last year…. popping allot of cool cars out of hiding, keep up the Hunt!

  3. Awsome find, great episode always learning, man if watch a two hour Coffee Walk. Fantastic, and passionate about cars!

  4. Old Porsche’s never die, they just get cooler. Contrats on the find. As an old Porsche 911 owner I am tore between making it an ultimate Outlaw, restoring it to original or restoring it to an original 356 racer. Plus I am sure all those 912 parts would come in handy for one of your other projects. Outstanding 👍

  5. Coffee Walk always is a great start to the weekend. I learn something every time I watch a episode.
    Thanks Dennis and keep up the outstanding content!!!!
    This was a great video. Love the change up and slower pace y’all we’re able to go…

  6. I hope everybody in there life finds a boss like Dennis I would work for him for o dollars The way he treats clients and employees is inspiration to all of us

    1. Having worked in Dealerships in my Youth this is the Impressive thing about Dennis.

      Big Love from Australia Dennis!

  7. It’s been written and commented hundreds of times.
    Mr Collins is a true gentleman, when he offered the seller ‘one last ride’, that was something everyone will remember.

    1. I agree. That part was so moving to me. I know it wasn’t easy to let go his prized possession. Class act Mr. Dennis Collins 👏🏽👏🏽

    2. Yes remember when he picked up the Red 50’s Corvette on a cold day , and after the buy , went to the house of the widow of the owner where he spent time talking to her about memories of the car and her late husband . Then they took her outside to see it one last time . I don’t believe for a moment he is anything other than what you see on screen

  8. Dennis, loving the car content, however, Im always impressed at the way the guys reverse and handle those big trailers in tight spaces. any chance of putting a video together on how to reverse, manoeuvre and safely secure a load on a trailer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs help and instruction from the Collins brothers team.
    keep up the great work 


    1. Did they drive the army truck? Would have liked to see a bit of that. Was neat to see Bautista helping out though.

  9. I can attest to the greatness of the Coffee Walk coffee blend. I have already ordered my 3rd bag 👍. And I love 356 Porsches

  10. Class act, Mr. Collins, allowing the previous owner to take it for “one last ride”. Seeing these videos every week is certainly a bright spot for me.

  11. From the cars to anticipating what local food is going to be eaten…man I cannot miss an episode. Dennis, his friends and family are must for me and my wife to watch. Keep it up! And a big hello from Canada

  12. Love these videos of barn finds, but I would like to see updates what happens next. Does Dennis flip them? Restore? Partial restore? Curious minds like to know. Keep up the great finds!!

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