FOUND: ’57 Chevy, ’66 Corvette, ’66 K-Code Fastback, ’67 GT 500 Shelby & ’80 Z28!!

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As always … GO FAST, HAVE FUN & HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!! And thank you for spending your Friday with us.

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FOUND: '57 Chevy, '66 Corvette, '66 K-Code Fastback, '67 GT 500 Shelby & '80 Z28!!

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  1. Dennis Collins, it doesn’t seem fair at times, you’re having all the fun. 😁
    It’s amazing what beauties are still hiding out their.👍
    “It’s a great day to be alive” 🇺🇸✈🚙😀

    1. *out there
      They contact him,he doesn’t know they exist or where they’re at.
      You too can be successful if you put down phone and go outside.

    2. @Wile E Coyote✅”get you some’o’that”💯👌
      Those 66knockoff rims tho🤯outstanding!

  2. Woohoo – like the shop updates but the longer barn find episodes (and snack!) are the best ones!

  3. Absolutely amazing can’t stop following every minute all your shows are just outstanding. These cars are just incredible and the parts that you got oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing Dennis and all the crew. And the cameraman for an outstanding visual.

  4. I love how Dennis always introduces his guys…. Says a lot about how much respect he has for them, it also says a lot about his character and leadership abilities

    1. @Chuck Branham remember without Dennis and his brother stepping out on a limb and starting THEIR business…. Those back bones would have to find employment elsewhere…. Being a business owner is great you get to pick which 80 hours a week you work…. His guys have a killer boss and because he is a killer boss he gets the top of the line guys

    2. @axisgarm if your working 80 hours a week then u are not a business owner, u are self employed. Congratulations! You played yourself.

    3. @Brown Fox either way you look at it – there’s no downside here. When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.
      He’s not playing himself.

    4. @Willem P , I’ve this same comment on every video of Coffee Walk. I love his videos. Why so much sucking up to him? Not just you but a whole lot of people.

    5. He understands the saying “your only as good as the people you have around you”. He seems like a good person and family man. Not many bosses like that anymore. He’s made his money but that’s not what drives him.

  5. I’m betting money that with all those containers and boxes full of treasures Dennis probably woke up multiple times during the night wondering if he missed anything.. “Like damn! I forgot to check the attic”. 😁😁
    On a side note, you can’t leave us hanging, you really need to do a video on just unboxing everything or at least one showing all the best finds, I recall you mentioning before those Shelby steering wheels can run up to 6K.
    I think a lot of your viewers would watch a 2 hour video on just an unboxing,I know I would.

    1. Scott Hardin I’ve never understood the whole unboxing thing, but in this case Yeah Buddy I’d watch it for sure.

  6. Some more great finds, always impressed by the crew getting it all loaded up. Years and years of finding and selling rare cars just amazing it never seems to end.

  7. Every Friday I eagerly await each and every Coffee Walk episode . It is far and away the best vintage car content on YouTube .

    1. @Wile E Coyote Employment? you mean like actual work? Nope, that’s a nasty word, I’m done with that part of my life.

  8. Dennis as always a great video with a great finds only thing I’m wondering is would love to see videos of the restoration of these cars if you could right now I’m in a knee brace and need lots of videos

  9. I love how you take the time to introduce everyone including Zach. Usually the camera guy gets left out but you make sure to introduce him to everyone.

  10. My condolences to the family. A man and his love for cars. Great cars and touching to see those photos. God speed!

  11. Good afternoon guys, love all the old cars, 60 and 70 was my favorite year. I had some of these over the years. I like the best that Dennis gets under the car just like any of us would. Great video Steve, from N.B Canada

  12. Be amazing if Dennis had a prize for a lucky follower to win a trip to go experience the fun thing of rescuing these old cars with him and his crew.. How cool would that be?

    1. Well you know damn well you’d be eating good as long as it wasn’t way too late and everything was closed 😉

  13. Everyones so in love with Coffee Walk (me included) but Im ready for Coffee Talk. A coffee podcast about cars lol

  14. Love Coffee Walk. Could you do a follow up show on the rare finds that you restore. Would love to see the completed restoration projects 👍

  15. Loving the content! Loving the cars! Loving the vibe! Loving the overall energy! Loving it all! And it all starts with you, Dennis! I still don’t why you don’t have your own TV show! I’m sure it’s for the better! Living life according to YOUR schedule, and not that of a soulless corporation! Keep the awesome content coming, DC! Cheers!

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